iPhone Mockup PSD: Creativity in a Small Package

When it comes to showing off your assets to possible clients or investors, it pays to always be prepared. Of course, the best way to showcase your digital ware is through a mockup. An iPhone Mockup PSD will grant a convenient way to present your digital product.

The iPhone—from the original to the higher-end models like iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, among others—is a great way to present your PSD mockup wherever you are. And you know iPhone, it is always upgrading its model. This way, even if you are called to a presentation on a lunch meeting in a restaurant, then it’s not a problem with the iPhone Mockup PSD—your presentation can fit right into your pocket.

iPhone: Small but packs a big punch

Having a digital presentation in an iPhone means more than just exhibiting your creativity, it also gives a near-realistic rendition of your digital product. This is very important especially if you are trying to demonstrate a mobile application or mobile website to clients. The awesome iPhone, because of the integration of its hardware and software, is very easy to use. It is the most user-friendly smartphone in the market. Then it works seamlessly with other Apple products. This way, if you are trying to attract your client with your iPhone X Clay Mockup, for example, and your client just happens to have his MacBook or iPad with them, then you can share the work so it can be reflected on a bigger screen. Speaking of clay mockups, Ramotion has some 10 PSD and two Sketch iPhone X clay mockups that could go well with various product presentations.

Here are five photorealistic iPhone mockups that you could use to wow clients:

  1. Woman reading on iPhone mockup. Created by MockupWorld, this is a fantastic way to present a mobile website or app that is primarily for women, whether they are career-oriented women or mothers. This will show how the app design will look when in the actual hands of a woman.
  2. iPhone and iPad presentation mockups. This is necessary when you want to showcase the difference of the web or app design on a small screen and a larger screen.
  3. White iPhone in hand mockup. This is particularly fascinating when your design features a lot of colors. The contrast between the white and the colors will be emphasized. The hand will indicate realism as that is usually the background for the iPhone in real life. The design is also by MockupWorld.
  4. Health tracker in iPhone mockup. Obviously, this is for a mobile web or app design that focuses on health and with a tracker integrated in it. The user interface design is by Ramotion and features a 4K resolution with smart-reflection layers. The aesthetic advantage of this is that it also illuminates the finger because of the reflection.
  5. iPhone 7 Plus on desk mockup. This is particularly terrific for office-related designs or those websites or apps that employees usually use in the office. Since the PSD file on this mockup comes with a Smart Object, you mostly only have to drag and drop your content to create the design.

iPhone Mockup PSD: Putting the final touch in your user interface

The mockup, as the name suggests, is not the final asset that you will be selling to your client. For one, the actual thing is going to be quite expensive and you can’t invest on such a large amount when you have not locked in the contract. But the advantage of a PSD mockup is that it is the closest thing to the real output that you can demonstrate to a client.

In this digital age, the iPhone Mockup PSD is not only convenient because of its small stature, it is also convenient because of the availability of free mockups. Creating a prototype design just got easier. Of course, while there are free PSD items in the internet, it doesn’t seem that they are cheap-looking. Blended with your creativity, you are bound to find the perfect mockup to flaunt your design.

If you want to show off the usability of your app design, you want to create flat designs to ensure that functionality is the highlight of the product. The common criticism for flat designs is that it is boring. With the appropriate amount of creativity and industry knowledge, a minimalist app design will not be boring.

You want to make the design minimal because you want to show off what your app can do. This might include some videos in the app and you don’t want the design to clash with the moving objects. Another advantage to having the flat design is that the message is usually straightforward and easy to understand. This way, you don’t confuse your users.

Advantage of the stationery mockup

If you want to present more than just a web or app design but a holistic brand, then a stationery mockup is going to be a welcome addition to your professional presentation. The stationery will show how the design, particularly the logo and possibly the tagline, will look on paper. This is important because when it comes to branding, you want all aspects of your brand in different kinds of platforms and that will include paper.

Here are some PSD mockup stationery sets that are also available online:

  1. Basic stationery items set PSD mockup. The set includes an A4 paper, envelope and business card. Of course, these are also the most important “paper” items necessary when running an office.
  2. Corporate stationery set PSD mockup. This set is a lot more extensive with an A4 paper, envelope, business card plus an invitation card. This is great for companies who are often organizing events.
  3. Stationery mockup. If your client is more into effeminate and flowery designs, then this mockup is going to be the best one as the paper is literally stationery-style paper with a picture-focused background. This would be perfect if you are trying to pitch to a paper company or a company that makes customized invitations.

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