How to Find Whether a Website is Safe or Not?

The Internet is full of fake, fraudulent and scam websites. Evolution of digital technology brought many such websites on the Internet where people get cheated or scammed. There are many shopping, banking and social media sites around the world which are involved in cybercrimes. In 2018, the cybercrime industry was at $1.5 trillion and the con men are playing more now to increase the number this year. It becomes necessary for every internet user to know about how safe those websites are, which they are visiting. Scroll down to know about how you can know about the legality of the websites.

Scan Website Pages with Google Safe Browsing

Google is the most used search engine by the internet users. So it provides a free online tool for scanning any web page you find doubtful. Google’s Safe Browsing feature checks web addresses against Google’s listing for phishing scams and malware-infected pages. If the tool shows a website red-flagged for phishing, then it is a powerful indicator that the site is fraudulent. Sometimes legitimate websites get hijacked after the malware attack. You can use Google’s Safe Browsing tool by entering the website addresses.

Use Your Own Intelligence

You can also use your own eyes and mind to know about any website’s legitimacy. If you are suspicious, then visit the Contact Us page of the site and try to communicate. If there is no contact information or no one answers, then the site is really questionable. Fake websites use different domain names against a site they are coping. Check the domain name by looking at the text that appears before the top-level domain such as .com, and .net and match with the site you are supposed to visit. But fake online casino websites are hard to check through naked eyes. Their legitimacy can be checked after visiting sources like

Look for Poor English on the Website

People who are operating fake websites don’t have enough time to upload quality content on their websites. They do a lot of mistakes while writing in the English language. Most of the time, they copy content from others websites. If they have copied content from other websites you can check their content on any plagiarism software to find how legitimate they are. The fake websites can be checked for inaccuracies in language. They do a lot of mistakes if someone observes their content thoroughly.

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