Advanced SEO Tips You Should Know To Improve Your Website Traffic

The heart of managing search engine optimization has not changed in recent years. You still need to create content, promote high-quality links and do semantic research while doing keyword research. However, doing the same over and over again can lead to dullness of your website which can eventually lead to a decrease in your website traffic and rank.

In this article, we will discuss advance techniques you will need to master in order to stay on top of Google’s consistently changing algorithm:

Write Long Blog Posts

Ever since SEO became popular, experts have stated the significance of posting high quality content. It is unquestionable that this is one of the most critical factors in promoting your rank in Google. When writing content, never ignore your content’s length. Extensive blog posts that aim to talk about a specific topic comprehensively can aid your website’s search rankings. A recent study have found out that in over a million searches, the posts on the first page of the search results were, on average, about 1900 words long.

Mobile First Indexing

Last March, Google has launched its migration to mobile-firsts indexing. When it comes to this, you don’t have to create an error-free mobile site to claim the top spot on the search results. In addition, you should also not ignore SEO for your desktop site. Mobile-indexing means that if you both have desktop and mobile versions of your website, the mobile version will be ranked and indexed first compared to the desktop version.  If you want to know more about mobile-first indexing, GoDaddy provides an in-depth tutorial to making your website better. Visit them at

Update Old Content

To get out the most of your content, and assess your old blog posts if they are still relevant. For example, you wrote about the best SEO strategies two years ago. However, since Google implemented changes in their algorithm, you need to update your article. Rather than writing a new article, it is recommended to just add additional information on your existing article. You can try updating your title to make it more relevant to today’s latest trends. This technique is a simple way to produce content in less time. It can also help your article reach more audience.

Research Keywords Well

Before finalizing ideas for your content, spend some time researching relevant keywords. It is a simple way of knowing what your target audience are looking for. Based on your research, you can make the necessary changes to your article to fit the needs of your readers. If you are integrating the correct keywords, you have a higher chance of driving traffic to your website as well as boosting your rankings. A few applications you can use to do keyword research are KWfinder, Google Keyword Planner and Moz Keyword Explorer. If all else fails, visit

Use Internal Linking

Getting a reader to visit your page is not your final goal. You would want them to spend more time on your pages and read more content. A simple way of achieving this is to link some of your articles internally. If you link your pages internally, it makes your overall website become structured and organized.

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