Email Marketing Tweaks to Boost Your Business

As a potential or new business owner, deciding what marketing strategies are suitable for you to invest in may be challenging. It is the norm to promote your services through social media platforms, blog content, regular press releases, video sharing platforms like Vimeo or YouTube, and many more.

However, research has shown that most customers prefer receiving marketing materials via electronic mail (email). This makes email marketing an essential marketing strategy to focus on. Hence, we will discuss the best-guaranteed tips for growing your business through email marketing.

1. Making sign up easy

It may be difficult for your email list to grow when you have a sign-up form that is semi-hidden on your website. Ensure you add a subscribe form so that the people who engage with your content on the website can see it. Include the forms on your homepage, in the widget areas on the sidebar, or within your blog content. You may even add them in the footer section of your webpage or close to the navigation so that your prospective clients will quickly locate where to subscribe.

Some people use software with an exit-intent technology, which displays a pop-up form as a person is about leaving the site. By doing so, such a person has a last chance to subscribe, thereby helping to grow the email lists. Although email industries don’t provide email address lists, you should possess a list before using the marketing company. This can help enhance your email lists by 35 percent.

2. Offer incentives

Making it simple for people to sign up is just the beginning. Making people willing to sign up is another task. One of the best ways to encourage your site visitors to be subscribers of your email address is by offering a content upgrade. This will help you send out impressive campaigns that drive people to re-visit your site.

The point is to offer something valuable, such as an e-book, exclusive coupons, or handy checklists to willing subscribers. Many people will eagerly exchange their email addresses for something useful in return, with the feeling that you are not only after their money.

3. Vary your content

People may not like it when they discover that all the email campaigns you send out are promotional. This is why varying your kind of content is necessary. Consider the different categories of email content being sent. They include:

  • Events: To invite customers to activities which you are hosting about your business through educational seminars or product demos.
  • Information on products/services: Send out email campaigns to inform your customers about new products or services you launch, or when you rebrand and upgrade some features. This will get your customers excited about both old and new products.
  • Newsletters: Through newsletters, you can share any information, including promotional materials, without seeming too promotional. Try to link the email to your blog content, online shop, and social networks to improve engagement with the content and enhance sales. Using a postcards newsletter template builder you can make your work much more comfortable.
  • Promotions: The fact that people would not like your material to be constantly promotional does not equate to them not wanting to know of exclusive deals or upcoming sales. Offering free shopping or coupons via your email is an excellent method for boosting revenue and click-through rates (CTR).

 4. Segment email lists

Not until recently, people usually send out the same blast email campaigns to individual persons on their list. Nowadays, customers require more personalization, and the old practice of cliché generic email marketing is dwindling. To improve your CTR, it is better to segment email lists into different groups that concern your business. This will assist you to send appropriate content to people on your list.

For example, send out a kind of email advert to those that recently patronized you, another to those that have been inactive to emails, and yet another to the people that newly subscribe to your site. Besides segmenting the mailing lists, make sure that they are not all promotional, as this defeats your purpose of segmenting.

Perhaps you are yet not convinced how this will help grow your business. Well, you should bear in mind that statistics show that welcome emails tend to generate over 300 percent higher revenue than the promotional ones.

Therefore, be patient enough to establish a relationship with your subscribers, whether old or new and nurture such a relationship. This will make a substantial difference to the success of your business.

5. Include a CTA always

Ensure to always add a specific call-to-action (CTA) in all email advertisements you send out. It does not matter if the objective is not to implore people to purchase a product or service. When there is something for people to do, it will also increase the engagement with your webpage, content, and business. Here are great tips to get people to click on the CTA button:

  • Make it physically clear and impressive, with a compelling copy.
  • It should not comprise too many words, probably a maximum of about five words.
  • Use an action-oriented copy that tells your site visitors what you want them to do. (“Download Now”, “Click Here”, etc).

As you well know, to get people to view your emails is just the first step. You also need to make them read the content of the email and encourage them to take further actions for your business to develop.

In conclusion

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to make your business blossom and succeed, even against any challenges you may face in your industry. However, you should take your time to build your email list and make writing your email campaigns a priority. That is, you want to make people do more than opening your emails and go back to make purchases on your site.

The moment you add email advertisements to your general marketing strategy, find out the specific preferences of your audience and provide them through email. You will then see how fast these tips will help your business grow.

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