3 Search Engines which can Help in Face Recognition

We all make use of a search engine to search for different subjects. Due to the advancement of technology, it has become possible for different search engines to handle a vast amount of data. Face recognition feature is one such popular thing which has been emerging to target individuals. With the help of face recognition search engines, it is possible to unravel the identity of different people by unraveling their faces.

Google Image Search

In today’s time, it is possible to use an image to search for similar images which can help to find the identity of a given image in an effective way. By using the image url or the original image, one can simply make facial recognition with the use of some code. The¬†face search engine for finding lookalike faces¬†ensures finding similar images on Google in the best possible way. And the search engine google also offers face recognition feature in google photos. Apart from displaying the images, Google also shows some links in the search results from where one can match one’s images.


PicTriev is another name that helps to search for similar faces and it is limited to look-alike celebrities. On uploading the image url or an image less than 200Kb, one can simply get the look-alike celebrity images available online. PicTriev also lets you compare the similarity of two faces and helps to estimate whether photos of the two persons are the same or not. A high number of people make use of this online facility to find images that look similar to their images.

PimEyes – Face Search

PimEyes uses images and face recognition to find similar images or faces on over 10 million websites available on Google. Similar to google image search, it offers highly accurate results on uploading the original photos. For example, if a person uploads different photos of a person, then PimEyes will show the original photos of celebrities and other similar photos related to the original uploaded image. This gives results of similarity closer to 70% because the algorithm takes into account other factors such as image resolution, size, and digital alternations into account.

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