Three Most Popular Fluid Handling Products of Foxx Life Sciences

Foxx Life Sciences provides engineering services, OEM and Foxx labeled proprietary products to the leading research and distribution companies. Its products are used for a wide variety of applications. The company has made a reputation through its strategic planning and acquisition commitment. In 2013, the company purchased all the assets of Roush Life Sciences. Now its products are being used in almost every enterprise across the world. Few of its products are the most sold and continuously increasing the turn over of the company. Scroll down to know about these products’ details.

EZgrip® Laboratory & Bioprocess Carboys

Foxx Life Sciences develops a line of premium quality laboratory carboys with spigot and many capsizes. All the units of the company are providing buyers an advantage of storage and transportation of liquid at a minimal effort. Foxx Life Sciences is popular of making laboratory carboys in various shape, size of the handle, grip, and neck. It provides excellent user experience and overall functionality for any application.

EZBio® Single-Use Bag Assembly

The second most popular product of Foxx Life Sciences is its single-use bag assembly. This product is suitable for transferring fluid from one place to another place at a large level. The company has made its entire assembly with USP Class VI components and Gamma Irradiated features. It is a perfect solution for single-use applications. It has phased out the use of costly stainless steel that is expensive and hard to clean. The Single-Use Bag Assembly has a needly free sampling port that makes it able to be modified with a sterile welder.

PureGrip® Glass Bottles

Foxx Life Sciences is popular for its wide line of advanced fluid handling plastic bottles. These bottles are able to store chemicals and reagents. The company has solved laboratory problems with this innovative product. Foxx has used Versa bottle cap technology with high-quality versatility of 3.3% in these borosilicate glass bottles. This loads these bottles with many features such as additional improvement for clearly marked graduation and large writing surfaces.

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