Niche Edits are Powerful Enough to Make Ranking Changes

Niche Edits are also know as curated links. They refer to any link that is added (or edited into) to a page that exists. It is later indexed and cached by Google Search engine. SEO experts are now taking full advantage of curated links. It is a standard tool in their arsenal that is used to improve the SEO rankings of a website.

Why people prefer link building?

People prefer link building because it is powerful and effective. The niche edits used in a page or post needs to be relevant and must be there through the White hat way. And this makes sure the links are ” perfect links”. Nobody gets in trouble because of these links. They are about a precise topic and related. That gives them extra link juice, which is always a good thing. Websites don’t need off-topic links that will throw off the visitors.

Do not overdo

What do we mean by that? Well, Google is intelligent. It can know when a website tries to trick it. So, when you use too many backlinks that are irrelevant your website might get into trouble.

Try to keep the curated links to as minimum as possible and let them be on topic. perfect links” that are about a precise topic. One or two backlinks per page or post will do. No need to overdo. If that happens then there will be penalty whi won’t be good for business.

Add quality and change rankings 

It is no wonder that using quality and relevant links will put you on Google’s most loved list. The perfect links become valuable when They are aged and cached. Which means that Google already thinks enough of them to include them in their index. That means the link will count positively for the page on your website.

Do small curated links campaigns so that you can easily track the results. Monitoring the ranking after the links is crucial.

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