10 Free Easy Website Builders for Beginners

A wide array of easy website builders have made it really effortless to build and publish a website in a couple of days. The end-user no longer has to worry about knowing code. All of these builders use some version of a WYSIWYG HTML Editor which is the easiest way to build a website.

Without further ado, let us look at the ten easy to use free website builders.

Ten Easy Website Builders


An ideal platform for creating professional looking websites, Squarespace provides superb templates that are eye-catching. It is principally targeted at creatives such as those who own a fashion brand or photographers and is perfect for showcasing their collections.

To make it simple for such users, the Squarespace platform does not require the user to have an understanding of coding and operates through a simple drag and drop method and is the easiest website builder you can find. It is visually oriented and depends on the user to have fantastic images to bring out the best. Squarespace is not at all suitable for text-heavy sites or e-commerce.


If you are looking for the easiest website builder that provides excellent all-round experience, then go for Weebly without any question. A superb solution for those looking to set up a website with zero hassle, Weebly comes with hosting. You do not need to go hunting for a web hosting service.

The servers are very responsive, and sites created using Weebly load super quick. The sites are fully optimized, and the website frontend and backend work well together to provide perfect SEO. Not only do they provide hosting but also email, backup, security, and, most importantly, HTTPS and SSL certificate.

It is really an all-inclusive deal and takes all the headaches out of the building and maintaining a site.


A startup from Israel, Wix has emerged as the primary competitor to WordPress. Its USP consists of top of the line free templates and a drag and drop editor that makes creating a website as easy as pie. Once you create an account, it is not hard to understand how the company has 160 million customers worldwide. Just like Weebly, it also offers free hosting as well as email, security, backup, and encryption.

The difference with Weebly is that Wix sites looked slightly better on mobile device screens. From free to a 4-tier pricing plan, you get whatever you need from Wix. The free plan would, of course, have Wix attached to the domain name. There would also be free advertisements across the site that you cannot remove.


An uber-simple website builder meant for those who find Wix and Weebly too hard to understand and have elementary needs. Strikingly is clean and straightforward. There are very few templates available, and you are not encouraged to tweak since that would make it lose the page loading speed.

However, in return, Strikingly promises that you can build a site in 15 minutes even if you know absolutely nothing about headers and text boxes. Being one of the easiest ecommerce website builder tools, Strikingly is ideal for professionals like doctors or small businessmen who want a simple site that establishes their presence on the internet but does not offer any complicated functions or plugins.


A new kid on the block that commenced operations just a few years ago, Voog is impressive and works well. The brand has one focus – provide top-quality multilingual sites and be the easiest way to build a website. This feature allows you to publish a site in any language and reach out to an audience that would have been otherwise lost.

The company offers a full-function website builder but also allows experienced developers to tinker with the code. The developer toolkit is versatile and gives a command-line interface to tweak the site perfectly.


Another web builder based out of Israel, Site123, is a free and intuitive web builder aimed at those who have never created a site before. Like Voog, it offers multilingual support and is available in almost 70 languages. It supports basic e-commerce, and there is a store builder that offers payment options, discount coupon generation, management of inventory, and other features.

However, the more exotic innovations like abandoned cart recovery options and integrated CRM are missing. You can install plugins and apps related to marketing and analytics. However, the apps are not as useful as you would find on Wix and Squarespace.


A relatively unknown name has been silently making waves among easy website builders. Builderall started out as a website builder tool but over the years added features such as hosting. Packed with rare features, from webinars to sales funnels, Builderall has servers on every continent except Antarctica to make accessing its sites a seamless process.

Not only do you have access to the most modern editor, but if you need an app for your business, you can build it right from inside Builderall and launch it in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is due to this remarkable convenience that Builderall is emerging slowly but surely as one of the best website builders.


If you want a website or an online store, then Jimdo is a solution you have to take a peek at. It is easy to set up a simple e-commerce store using Jimdo in few days. While it is not as popular as Wix, it is no laggard either with 20 million subscribers. All of their plans provide free https domain and excellent image galleries and a blog.

If you are just starting out, you can build a five-page website for free and discover the easiest way to build a website.

IM Creator

Powered by what it calls IM XPRS web editor, this builder provides an excellent solution for those who want to spend as little time as possible to build a fast and responsive site that works well on desktops and also mobile. IM Creator offers attractive templates that also can be adapted and used by a wide variety of sites. In all, there are over a dozen different categories of templates such as E-commerce, Restaurants, Weddings, Business. Every template comes with a YouTube video explaining how to modify it ideally.


Any list of site builders can never be complete without WordPress. Most of the web runs on WordPress Content Management Systems, and even the largest companies use their templates. It is not intuitive, but it is versatile. There are thousands of plugins from WooCommerce to Elementor Page Builder.

However, it is not perfect for a beginner due to a steep learning curve. But it is a crucial step since once you have learned to use WP reasonably well, there is no additional learning required for any other web builder.


It may seem to a novice that most of the above mentioned easy website builders offer the same functionalities. While that is, to a large extent true, Wix stands out as the first among equals. It is dependable and trusted by 120 million site owners. The plugins are numerous, though not as plentiful as WP.

A close runner up is Squarespace. It’s only drawback is that it is not meant for sites that have a lot of text-based content. A beginner can use any of these to create a stunning website in less than a day.

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