Designing Your High-End Home Office on A Budget

No one likes working in a bland, white-walled cubicle without any windows. They dream of the day they can be in their own office, preferably with windows and a view. However, some dream of the day when they work from their home, in an office built specifically for them.

If you are one of the “lucky” ones, then you know how liberating it can be working from home. However, there are some downsides to working from your own home office. For starters, you have to furnish everything, which costs money. If you are strapped for cash, this can make it seem like you downgraded.

To avoid this feeling, we’ve put together a quick resource for designing your high-end home office while being on a budget. These suggestions will help improve the aesthetics of your office, improve your mindset, and help you become more productive.

Are you ready to see what I mean?

Go Wireless

In the past, all of our office equipment had wires running to other devices. The printer had to be connected to your computer, the mouse, the keyboard, the speakers, the monitors. Technology has improved significantly over the years, making it possible to design an office without wires.

The first upgrade would be a simple keyboard and mouse combo. After that, you could purchase a wireless printer. Then, you could look into wireless speakers and even a streaming monitor using an HDMI streamer.

While it may seem insignificant, getting rid of those wires help to reduce your clutter dramatically, helping to create a “zen-like” effect.

Stand Up

Another option to upgrade your office would be through a height-adjustable desk (and getting rid of those wires will actually ease your transition to a sit-to-stand desk. Of course there are multiple ways to incorporate a standing desk into your office.

First, you could buy a fully-adjustable desk that has a motorized platform. These are fairly expensive and bulky, plus they have to be assembled. Next, you could save a few bucks and simply buy an adjustable-height standing desk frame and install a large plank or upcycled salvaged door as your desktop – a great solution for a unique look. Or, you could look into a Varidesk-style desk riser that will simply sit on top of your existing desk. This is the cheapest option in most cases and can change how you work dramatically.

Studies have proven that standing up helps to reduce tension on your body and increase your productivity. If you are looking for a great upgrade without a huge price tag, this is another suggestion you can’t ignore.

Wrap Up

Working from home can be liberating, but it can also feel like you downgraded. Since you have to “foot the bill” when it comes to equipment such as desks, electronics, chairs, and scenery, it can look a little bland – especially on a budget.

Today, we covered two ways you could design your high-end home office without breaking the bank. Ultimately, you can customize your home office to your exact liking, making it a more productive space for you and helping you to succeed.

Using these two suggestions, not only will you upgrade the look of your home office, you’ll increase your productivity too – it’s a win-win situation.

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