The Best Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

As a small business, you might have to face many challenges. The first problem goes with the budget itself and that is the biggest one.

And when it comes to launching a website for your business, you look for affordable plans. So, here is our part.

To ease your problem for selecting a service for hosting a website, we have shortlisted five best web hosting services that are suitable for you and have affordable plans covering all your requirements.

But before you finalize your web hosting platform, check these features in every service provider:

Uptime – Decides how long does your hosting platform run

Backup Service – You do not want to lose your data

Customer Support – How easily can you contact them and fast do they resolve your problem

Reliability and Security – Check the protections they offer

Renewal Plan – Price you have to pay while renewing

Alright, so let’s go through the best web hosting services one by one…

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost has been hosting more than 2 million websites on the internet and was founded in 2003. It has an average uptime of 99.98% which is really a good score.

The plans start from $2.95/month for shared hosting and you can renew it at a price of $7.99/month. This is Bluehost’s basic plan which also supports SSD Storage with good speed and a free SSL Certificate.

They do offer CodeGuard at a separate rate of $2.99/month which is optional for the basic plan. It covers backup, monitoring and one-click restoration. They offer 24/7 call and chat support and is also equipped with a blog section and help section.

  1. GreenGeeks

This is an eco-friendly web hosting service provider that has clients over 150 countries and is established since 2008. It has an average uptime of 99.99%.

The lite plan is available at a price of $2.95/month for 3 years after which it renews at a price of $9.95/month. This includes unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer. They even offer 24/7 email, call as well as live chat support to their customers along with a knowledge-base section.

Your website is backed up daily by GreenGeeks and it offers free wildcard SSL certificate.

  1. SiteGround

Last year, half of the American small businesses were cyber-attacked. SiteGround’s Anti-bot AI blocks 500 – 2 million attempts that have been made for brutal attacks.

The startup plan costs $3.95/month for 3 years and renews at $11.95/month thereafter. It has an average uptime of 99.99%. This plan includes 10 GB of Web storage space and 1 website.

They provide 24/7 live chat and call support to their customers as well as a daily backup is also offered.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s hosting service has an average uptime of 99.99%. It consists of a website builder and offers a domain name.

The economic plan costs $1.0/month when on discounts and renews at a price of $8.99/month. It includes a 100 GB storage with unmetered bandwidth. They offer 24/7 support to their customers via live chat and call.

They even have guides, blogs and tutorials for reference and provide DDoS protection.

  1. FastComet

It is a Cloud hosting service with more than 50,000 customers worldwide. It has an average uptime of 99.93%. It also offers cloud-based SSD storage in a RAID-10 configuration.

The basic plan starts at $2.95/month and a renewal pricing of $9.95/month. This includes a 15 GB SSD space. It provides a daily backup and also backup from the past 7 – 30 days. They offer 24/7 chat support as well as tutorials and knowledge-base on their website.


34% of the websites are built on WordPress and all the above options offer a hosting platform for the WordPress Sites too. So, if you are running a small business and need a website for it, these five are the best options for your website hosting services.

Let us know which of these services would you choose for your business website. Do not hesitate to leave a reply below.

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