How to Convince a Disobedient Teenager to Apply to one of the Top Colleges, such as the University of Washington?

Dealing with teenagers is hard work and there is no universal technique that will help all parents find a better communication strategy with their kid. However, it does not mean that they should stop trying. What one needs to keep in mind is that the majority of teenagers behaves in a very disobedient way at this age, so such behavior is rather typical. Surely, every parent wishes only the best for their kids. They want their children to get an education to have more prospects in life. The problem is that not very teenager understands why studying at college will help them achieve more in life. As a parent, you obviously want your kid to attend the University of Washington or any other prestigious college. At this age, a teenager typically has a different opinion. If you are currently trying to get your teenage son or daughter to start working on their University of Washington essay, you are not the only one. Tons of parents experience communication failures with their teenage sons and daughters. To specify, parents want their kids to start working on the UW essay prompts while teens want to spend more time with their friends, and the task of writing the University of Washington supplemental essay is the last thing they want to do. If you are currently facing the same problem, here are a few tips that will help you convince your child why graduating from a prestigious college is so important.

To begin with, a parent might try to prove their point by illustrating an example. For instance, a child has a role model who has graduated from college. Thus, a parent should try to convince their teenage kid to get down to the task of writing the University of Washington essay by highlighting the fact that their idol has studied at the same educational institution. Then, a parent may proceed to explaining what the University of Washington acceptance rate is stating the importance of working hard. To get enrolled, an applicant needs to provide unconventional answers to UW essay prompts. This aspect may motivate a teenager get down to work to be able to submit an impressive University of Washington essay.

Another useful strategy for a parent is to be supportive no matter what. Even if your child does not walk to talk about college applicants or writing the University of Washington essay at the moment, do not force them. They may change their mind in a couple of days, and will definitely respect you even more for not pressuring them.

Your teenage child has a lot of their plate right now. If you are able to make their life at least a bit easier, you should definitely do everything you can to help them. For instance, you can compare financial aid offers from different colleges and present the information you have found to your teenager kid. There is a very high chance they may even get the scholarship. Apart from that, you can at least start a conversation about academic opportunities your child can make use of. Having a conversation does not mean they have to decide which college (if any) to go to.

Taking everything into consideration, your child needs to feel that are not pressured into anything. So, trying to talk to them about college and career prospects every single day is the worst strategy a parent can choose. If you feel like you need to talk to your child about going to university, choose one particular day of the week and ask what they think about it. Make them feel comfortable and prove that you are ready to support them no matter what they decide to do next. After all, it is their life and they are the ones who should be making all these important decisions. At this point, your job as a parent is to offer advice and to support them.

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