6 Online Trending Products to Sell in 2020

E-commerce sites have become the most visited websites in recent years than physical stores. There are many products that have remained trending in 2019 and they are predicted to remain in trend in 2020 as well.

As 2019 is about to end and the new year is coming, the e-commerce site owners are doing research on their own level including most demanding products to sell and prepare strategies to market them in the coming year. The online store business needs continuous research especially at the end of the year. Sometime product research could be challenging. To make the online store’s job easy for the new year, we have made a list of the six trending products to sell in 2020.

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic items of all sizes have been dominating the online product categories since the emergence of digital technology. Like past years, electronic gadgets are expected to remain at the top position in 2020 as well. Electronic items are known as the volatile category of online products that remain in trends always.

Top electronic gadgets such as Alexa, Apple Watch, smartphones, fitness trackers, electronic cigarette, etc. were sold the most in 2019. The experts are suggesting online stores to keep their inventory full of these products in 2020 too.


E-commerce sites are the best place for searching footwear that is not available in the market. The online stores offer a variety of shoes under affordable ranges. The footwear category includes shoes, slippers, sandals, and sneakers for both men and women. People have purchased footwear of top brands in 2019 and there are many new brands that have made their presence more stable on the e-commerce sites.

Video Games

Video games are the specific category of products which are used for gift purposes. But the interesting thing is that two-third of items in this category are gift cards, not specific games. In 2019, some video games like Donkey Kong for Nintendo, Mario Brothers, and others have remained popular. These games are also expected to remain popular in 2020. The new and old online store owners should add video games in their inventory to make a good profit.

Home Fitness

People buy home fitness items to maintain their fitness at home. And thus, the online stores have started to add home fitness items recently. Items in this category include pull up bars, jump ropes, yoga mats, and home exercise machines. People in large numbers are visiting online stores to buy home exercise equipment, especially for beach season.


Visiting the open markets for books is really time-consuming. But now books of all writers and standards are available on e-commerce sites. The buyers of books primarily are students, parents, and youngsters. The most purchased books in 2019 are educational, fictional, and reference books form domestic and overseas publishers. It is difficult to cover all the books for e-commerce sites but they should cover all the trending and popular books.

Home Decor Items

Housewives and home decorators are the permanent clients of e-commerce sites. They purchase many items such as drapes, furnishing, flower vases, covers, tea coasters, rugs, table mats, carpets, and wall hangings.

There are many other products that have remained trending in 2019 and they are expected to remain in the most popular products list for the coming year as well.

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