All the basic things that you should know about Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications have become an important part of our daily lives with the growing number of smartphones all around the world. This is because usually most of the people perform the majority of their daily tasks with the help of numerous kinds of mobile applications. This makes it necessary that the apps available on the internet should be free from any kind of bug or problem, so that the users don’t have to face any kind of glitch in their usage of that particular app. This is ensured with the help of mobile application testing. In this article, we are going to discuss all the basic information which you should know about the mobile application testing. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is actually mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing is a specialized technique of the testing the quality of a newly developed application, which is yet to be launched officially. Such a newly developed mobile application is checked from the various perspectives such as functionality, consistency and usability. These are basic aspects which ensure that a mobile application is fully operational and appropriate to be used by the users for the tasks which they are supposed to perform. Almost all of the organizations in the world perform the mobile application testing before officially launching their application on the web.

Mobile application testing is actually an important step in the mobile application testing procedure and the growing number of the smartphones has made it even more important. This is because the increasing number of the smartphones has led to the increasing number of the screen sizes, OS, standards and more. Even after the app has been officially launched by the developers, new features need to be added in them, so that the users don’t lose the interest in the app. Before updating any feature in the app, those features are tested with the help of mobile application testing.

Approaches used for the mobile application testing

Following are the main two approaches which are used for the mobile application testing. These are:

  • Manual testing: – Manual testing is an approach used for the mobile application testing, which uses the human input or evaluation in the process itself. This is a user centric approach which focuses on whether the designed application is able to deliver the results, which it is expected to. Manual testing is not used every time for testing any of the mobile application.
  • Automated testing: – This is another approach used for the mobile application testing, under which all the cases which have to be tested are arranged before they have to be tested and this approach helps in automating almost 80% of the task. It is usually used to automate the testing of those applications whose results are predictable and which are almost impossible to perform manually. There are many complex mobile applications, which can be tested only by using the automated mobile testing.

There are many mobile application testing platforms available in the market, but Appium mobile testing is one of the most popular names among them. Appium is a mobile application UI testing framework and it offers cross-platform application testing.

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