How Technology has Changed the Book Publishing Industry

Like any other industry, the book publishing industry has also undergone a dramatic change with the introduction of technology in today’s time. It has become imperative for publishing houses to pay attention to the shifts going on into the technology sector. In the present times, it has become possible for readers to carry a library of books in their pocket as the trend of e-books has made it possible for them to read their favorite newspapers, books, and other reading materials on their digital devices. According to the Manhattan Book Group, technology has given new opportunities for authors to spread the word about their work in an easy manner. In this post, we have mentioned the popular changes that technology has brought into the book publishing industry across the globe.

High Competition

Due to the availability of e-books in various online stores, the competition in the book publishing industry has increased significantly. There is a dramatic decrease in the number of physical books that have contributed to increasing the demand for e-books on different online platforms. And this rising competition is itself a factor of economic growth and employment levels. Many people even consider that the introduction of different technologies such as printing on demand, ebooks have been leading to the end of the publishing industry. While it is not true as it is just undergoing a digital transformation.

Low Cost and More Sale

Contrary to the earlier times, there is a decrease in the cost of e-books and this has contributed to increasing the sale of e-books on a large scale. It has been proved that the demand for the marketing of different books has increased significantly across the world. And it has made it quite challenging for authors to explore new options of promoting their books on different online platforms. Due to the low cost of smartphones, it has become feasible for people to read books online without investing much money from their pockets. Due to this, the publishing industry has been witnessing an increase in the online platforms where authors interact with one another by creating an expertise niche.

In a nutshell, we can say that technology has increased the demand for e-books, online newspapers, and print on demand. Apart from this, the boundaries in geography and time have almost lost. The cost of producing a book has decreased substantially and the uniqueness of content has also increased in the book publishing industry across the world.

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