How to Convert Text to Speech Online?

We tested dozens of online text-to-speech services to find the most user-friendly converters that feature a wide range of realistic voices. The highest-quality generators, predictably, turned out to be from giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, but it is still difficult to call them user-friendly. 

When you look for text-to-speech solutions, it is easy to get lost among advertisements from dozens of services. Each claims to be the best text-to-speech solution; the most user-friendly; the most affordable. You start testing. The “best” one uses a clearly synthesized voice;  The most user-friendly takes hours to understand.

Everything changes when you start testing voice synthesizers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft,  or IBM. You know you can trust them to produce the best converters because they have access to more data, money and research opportunities than most other companies. 

There is a new tool though, which offers the largest online library of text to speech voices. Undoubtedly it is true as the service that it provides to its audience great and wide at the same time. Normally it is not so possible to provide your audience with both quantity and quality but amazingly this website is providing both of them and maintaining it well too. Kukarella converter is powered by IBM, Miscrosoft, Google, and Amazon which obviously tells how good the website is and the growth of the site is crazy too. 

You can watch this video to better understand how you can convert text to speech on Kukarella 

This website is doing the same thing that a manual converter can do but there are a number of reasons because of which people prefer Kukarella for text to speech online over anything else. Firstly the world is all about technologies and innovations. People now look for convenience and a better life over anything.

The  converter offers 270 plus realistic voices and 55 plus languages for converting from text to speech which is more than any website can offer. You can always experiment with different things with Kukarella by adding up accents and effects.

One should definitely start using this for conversion purposes instead of using manual system or hiring voice over actors. It is available and accessible for everyone 24/7. One can easily access this website for their personal and professional use. The key service or feature this online website converter offers is text to voice conversion and text to speech voices. The detail information related to the two main features is discussed below:


This is one of the two core services that Kukarella offers to its customers. It is already high time to move towards a better and convenient life than a complicated one. It supports up to 120 languages and it absolutely validates the privacy of every individual which should be considered most important. It never disappoints its consumers in terms of safety and privacy as this is the core value of any customer.

The world has modernized and still moving towards a fully technological environment. Technology has indeed made life easier than ever before. One can easily transcribe the audio file and convert it to text within seconds and saving you money.

A number of professionals like bloggers, vloggers, content creators and journalists need a converter for their professional use. They all can look up to this amazing online website for conversion as it saves time and money both. It charges $0.08 per 1 minute of audio which is better than hiring someone and get it done manually. You can also do the required adjustment as per your need through this website.

Also, there are people who have got a better reading habit than listening so people often use these tools for their personal benefits and convert the audio files in the language which is suitable for them. This site assists them to gather more information and knowledge.

Kukarella supports all formats of audio including mp3 and wav. It also supports all types of audio tracks, even from the videos. It can transcribe speech in real-time too. It has the ability to recognize multiple speakers in real time. When it has got all the features that a manual converter has than people should prefer technology that even saves time and money. Kukarella receives great feedback everyday from happy and satisfied customers as this service has made their profession easier than before.

BETTER UNDERSTANDING of Text to Speech online

A student requires a text format as it provides a better way for comprehension of content. Students prefer text over audio and they study through text or book in normal circumstances. Even in the case of lawyer he also requires a text format that is more suitable for them to comprehend.


When you are viewing a video and along with that if there is a text involved then it adds flavor to it and people really like that element. It improves the engagement of the viewer and even people prefer that for their interest and convenience. 


Text to voice converter is highly in need for people these days. It is the other feature the Kukarella offers which is widely used by people. If you are looking for a best available tts onlinethen there is not any better option than this, because Kukarella  offers 270 plus realistic voices across 55 plus languages. It is known throughout the world and people refer this website to their friends and families. This website has solved their everyday problem with much convenience.

It saves time and money both as this website charges $0.06 per minute of audio. This is highly convenient for people who professionally require a converter for their everyday use. You can convert text to speech online easily with the help of this software.


As people use mobile more these days than their iPads or laptops. People can convert articles, blogs or a PDF document in an audio. On mobile phones, the screen isn’t that big and so people prefer listening than reading. Realistic voices are produced with that software.


There are people who are not that literate to read and understand or lack this ability to read so it is great for them as it provides conversion as per their need. They can get their desired result through Kukarella and educate themselves.


People who do multi tasking also prefer listening to audio while doing some other work. It is highy convenient for the multi-taskers.


A feature like this saves time for people. It saves time for a number of people who are extremely busy.

Overall it is an amazing online website for people who hire converter but now they have this amazing innovative website available with a great range of options like realistic voices. One should prefer it over other sites too as it is the largest online library of text to speech voices. It is helping and assisting a number of individuals as they can adjust everything through this amazing website Kukarella of their own style and requirement for their personal and professional use.

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