How do I know which AC is best?

Summers are very hot these days and one of the common reasons is the increasing temperature of the earth due to global warming and climate change. But, like there is a solution to every problem, this one has its too. Yes, we are talking about installing the right air conditioner at a house to feel the required cool that one desires of.

How to choose the right AC for a house? This is the question that many people ask more often to inquire about choosing the right air conditioner for installation in their house. In this post, we discuss the important points that one needs to take into consideration while selecting an AC for a room.

Choose According to Room Size

The first and most important point that plays an important role in the choice of the right AC is the determination of the room size in which one wants to get the AC installed. More often, people end up buying AC with less capacity and it eventually leads to the failure of AC in cooling the room effectively. With this the goal of beating the hot weather remains unachievable even after the installation of a new AC.

Moreover, the one with more than the required capacity simply puts more pressure on the monthly budget due to high electricity bills. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to select an AC after keeping in mind the exact size of the room.

Do Your Homework – Learn About Air Conditioning

If you don’t want to make a mistake in selecting the AC for your home then, be ready to spend a few hours in researching about these machines and learning about the latest features offered in air conditioners. If you are short of time, then you should check the recommendations on a product review/comparison website of your choice. Such websites not only save your time also your hard-earned money.

Personally, I checked this post on the best AC in India by Lavanay Bhadwal on They have done a great job at comparing different air conditioners and suggesting the best ACs one can buy for different needs and budgets.

Keep in Mind Energy Efficiency Ratings

Another thing that matters a lot in deciding the right AC for a room is the energy efficiency ratings that AC manufacturers display on their ACs itself. According to the new rating methodology from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the more the rating on an AC, the lesser is the power consumption. The usage per day of an AC also helps to determine which AC one should choose.

If the per day usage is less than 5 hours, then one need not to go for a high rating AC but if it is the other case then it is a better option to go for an AC with a higher energy rating.

Don’t Purchase the Lowest Priced Air Conditioner

In India, most people go for a lowest priced AC. They compare the main features like energy star ratings, type of metal used in condenser, capacity of AC, and looks with branded air conditioners and they feel why to pay extra money for a branded AC when they can get the same for 10,000 rupees less. But this is simply not true. There is a lot of difference in quality of parts used. For example, the length of copper pipe included in cheaper split ACs is much shorter than the branded split ACs. The service quality offered is another big difference.

Clearly such deals are not the best deals to go for. Most of the times, such products cost customers more money in repairs and the time and peace of mind lost is additional pain.

Air Conditioners cost lots of money. Take your time to choose the AC that is best for your home and your family. Happy researching!

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