How to Find Profitable Keywords to Rank High on a Search Engine

In the world of digital marketing, SEO enjoys a high demand because it is a cheap way to bring organic traffic on a website. Keyword research has a vital role to play in increasing the ranking of any website falling under any niche. However, the rising competition in the digital world has made it quite difficult for an SEO expert to search for profitable keywords without making intense efforts. Gone are the days when it was suggested to find keywords with high volume and low-keyword difficulty.

These days, it has become imperative for an SEO expert to focus on keywords that are easy to rank for but not possible to find easily. This is where an opportunity resides for a website owner to increase the ranking of his website manifold times. Selecting the right keyword search tool enjoys high importance to ensure a high ranking of a website on a search engine. In this post, you will come to know about the ways to find profitable keywords to rank high on any search engine.

Select a Niche and Choose a Monetisation Method

The first thing that matters in raising the profit of any website is the selection of an appropriate niche that enjoys high popularity. However, just by selecting a niche will not do the complete job for you as it is equally important to choose a monetization method corresponding to it. Only after this, you can ensure a high ranking of your keywords on a search engine. One should focus on publishing content on a given niche to earn backlinks to rank high.

Study a Low Authority Blog

One can select a blog with low domain authority and analyze it for easy to rank but low-volume keywords. It is a common belief that high volume keywords are the best for a given website to rank on a search engine. However, it is not really the case as one can easily rank for low volume and low-difficulty keywords to generate high traffic on his blog/website. Do the following thing to find easy to rank keywords:

  • Use SEO tools to select a website with high traffic and low domain authority. One can find great offers available on different products to find low competition¬† keywords such as Ahrefs or Long Tail Pro.
  • Verify the parameters such as keyword difficulty and domain authority on SEO tools to come to a conclusion.

Other Things to Note Down

  • Check the search volume of multiple keywords with low difficulty to write articles on a blog to rank high.
  • Pay attention to the CPC (cost per click) parameter of a keyword in order to determine the monetization value of a given keyword.
  • The next thing you need to check is the on-page difficulty and content quality of competitors. You can make use of a free on-page SEO tool to improve it.
  • In addition to this, you should check for the off-page difficulty of a keyword using different SEO tools available online. This will help you to estimate the competition in the market and make it possible for you to focus on domain authority as well as backlinks.
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