2020’s Free Joomla Templates For Your CMS Site

Joomla web engine is one of the most popular CMS in the market. Choosing the right template for Joomla CMS is crucial. In case there is a budget, it is recommended to get a template and a custom design, but if not, it is better to switch to a professional free Joomla templates that meet business requirements. The appearance of the template is highly dependent on the typography, images and colors. You should choose a template that will look good when adding your photos and information.

On the technical side, you have to make sure that you will select such templates that are lightweight. Heavy templates will make your site loading very slow. This is 2020, so it’s obvious that you need to find a responsive template that will work on any device, mobile or tablet.

In the beginning, you first need to know exactly what type of website you are planning to build before you begin your search for a Joomla template. Nowadays, there are many multi-purpose free Joomla templates for any type of website. The layout of the template determines the design style of the website content. The necessary layout depends on the category of the site and preferences. For the website, both grid-based and traditional vertical layouts are mostly used.

Choosing a reliable free Joomla template provider is a very important for long term usability of your website. The template should be able to effectively manage and present your content. If something goes wrong, where do you ask for help? Definitely, you will get useful resources and good support if you use a template developed by a reputable company. It also ensures that you get a well written-coded template.

Responsiveness is a worldwide recognized and popular standard for web templates. Responsive templates help websites to be viewed well on any device. Mobile devices are heavily dependent on high-speed templates. To provide more effective access to your audience, it is highly recommended to select a responsive template for your Joomla website.

The overall performance of a website is significantly affected by the speed of template. Before completing the template development, you have to check their demo sites and perform some speed tests using tools such as GTmetrix. Also pay attention to its real-time performance. It is not recommended to choose a slow template!

Technology is often updated. Can your site keep up with this? For example, in some cases, after updating Joomla CMS the template may not work correctly. In such a situation, to make it work to latest version of Joomla you must update the template too. Your site will be put at risk if the template developer does not provide an update. Choose a template from a provider that provides updates quickly.

Make sure you choose a Joomla template developer that provides reliable customer support. Check their support board in advance to have an idea of ​​the timing and quality of their response.

Finding the template for your Joomla site is not just choosing a layout that you like. There are some aspects that needs to consider:

  • Verify – Can a template developer’s help desk help?
  • Check the template update schedule. The template would be more solid if it was regularly updated.
  • SEO plays a main role in online marketing, so choose an SEO friendly template.
  • Know your goal, ask yourself exactly what type of site you need to have.
  • Choose a design and web layout that suit your needs.
  • Nowadays users are becoming extremely sensitive to web performance, make sure you have found fast template.
  • Select a Joomla template which has translation on your language.
  • Try to use templates from reliable and popular template developers.

JF Simone

JF Simone is extremely popular and it is one of the best among free Joomla templates available for designers, and for good reason. This is a universal Joomla template that allows you to create almost any type of website for a completely unique design that reflects your personal style. It contains a visual drag and drop layout builder and contains 10 pre-created demos to help you get started. Given all of its features and capabilities, this is most likely the only template you will ever need. JF Simone is definitely a template to keep in mind how you view your options.

JF Connecto

Free Joomla Templates - JF Connecto

JF Connecto is a vibrant and artistic free Joomla template developed with designers in mind. You can use it to create a unique creative site or portfolio-gallery easily and quickly, with no coding required. The template has a grid layout, with plenty of space to place unlimited widgets for expressing your creativity. It includes a large library of pre-built demos you to choose from. This template contains an array of templates for the home page, as well as templates for contact pages, About pages, gallery, blogs, and articles. In addition to displaying work, you can easily include a social network on your site, because the template also supports popular Joomla extension – EasySocial.

JF Corporate

Free Joomla Templates - JF Corporate

If you want to showcase your work with a creative portfolio, JF Corporate is a great choice. This template is professional and stylish looking, is suitable for individual designers and agencies, and it is also easy to use for Joomla users. This template has a Gantry framework layout builder that does not require any coding skills. You can select one of the various demo layouts, and then edit the template to suit your personal brand. If you are looking for a sophisticated, unique, modern design, this should be the main template you to consider.

JF Business

Free Joomla Templates - JF Business

JF Business template has a minimalist look, and no coding knowledge is required to create a website with it. It has unlimited possibilities for developing your online business, landing pages, gallery, portfolio, blog, forum, social network and more! This template has a stunning design that gives an edge when it comes to growing your business or agency. If you want to impress your clients and bring your services or products to the market, consider this amazing template.

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