5 Essential Steps to Outsource SEO and Expand Your Digital Agency

Establishing your digital agency as a big player is not easy to achieve, especially when you already know that your team can’t complete all tasks efficiently for your clients. There are aspects that can be outsourced to ensure you meet all of your business goals. As a matter of fact, according to link-building-strategies.com, “outsourcing is cost-efficient and it generates results, results that can be measured, results that will bring you traffic to your website, that will generate brand awareness, that will help you build a name for your business in the digital landscape”.

The 5 Essential Steps to Consider for Outsource SEO

  1. Learn the differences between in-house SEO experts and the advantages offered by an SEO agency.

According to searchengineland.com, “it can be easier (sometimes much easier) to find someone who has the expertise you need.” But this is just one of the aspects that you should focus on. Besides knowing that you can rely on an outsider to handle an SEO project, you also have to think about the level of expertise that they can provide.

When outsourcing your SEO needs to an agency, you benefit from years of experience with all kinds of clients and websites from different fields. This means that no matter what sort of businesses rely on your services, helping their website rank at the top of search engine results pages is not going to be your responsibility. You just leave this aspect in the hands of the SEO specialists to which you outsource these projects.

  1. Look for recommendations from people you know.

This might be obvious, but when it comes to SEO, you might be tempted to solely rely on the online world for all of the information you might require regarding the various companies that can offer you these services. The truth is that finding an SEO agency that will do a fantastic job is not easy at all. The main reason for that is the fact that there are many similar ones on the market that claim to know “the secret” to high ranks.

But how can you make sure that you pick the right one? Well, when you talk to people that you know and that have had certain results while relying on a specific team of SEO experts, you can add the name of said team to the list for when you ask for a quote and talk about the personalized plan that you have in mind. It’s essential to make sure that they don’t just have basic knowledge regarding search engine optimization, otherwise you might be dealing with an unpleasant surprise in the near future.

  1. Based on your own organization and number of clients, determine the size of the SEO company that you would like to hire.

In some situations, especially when you are thinking about taking on only a few clients at a time, that might also need SEO, you probably do not want to rely on a large team of SEO specialists. So, you believe that hiring a smaller SEO company would be a better choice for your organization. At the same time, if you are confident that your organization will grow at an exponential rate, you should consider searching for SEO experts that can grow their work volume based on your own growth rate.

This is certainly something that you should be discussing with them before you decide to rely on their help for the next projects that involve SEO. If they are unable to take more than a specific number of projects, you might want to reconsider your choice so that you don’t regret it later on.

  1. Talk to at least a couple different agencies that you can outsource SEO to about the strategies that they employ.

In “Do It Yourself SEO or Outsource It in 2020? Pros and Cons to Consider” 3 main characteristics, that you need to consider when it comes to outsource SEO are discussed: Proven Results; Strategies and Prices. The biggest mistake you could make in this field would be to consider that the first SEO company you come across is the one you should be working with. Take your time and talk to a few of them about their track record, projects that they have worked on, strategies that they employ and see for yourself whether they know what they are doing. This means that you also need to brush up on your own SEO knowledge, but it is for a good cause – to find the agency that will help take your company to the next level!

Ask them questions, even if they seem uncomfortable. See if they have a plan for the first 10 or 14 days after they have taken a client. Are they organized? Do they know what they are doing? Your research will help you draw the right conclusions. Compare the answers you get from the different SEO providers you contact. It would be a good idea to analyze their reactions as well. If they are not that willing to offer you details regarding their approach, you should just look for someone else.

  1. Test their SEO strategies on your own agency.

Start with a few questions regarding the project that you initially hire them for. According to moz.com, it would be recommended to “ask them project specific questions, but also ask them generic SEO knowledge questions”. It would be great if you could test their services for a few months before you decide regarding your collaboration. If they can’t deliver the promised results, you can be certain that relying on their services for the projects that your clients trust you with, will definitely harm your reputation.

So, Why to Consider Outsource SEO?

The right SEO agency will offer you the possibility to outsource SEO while removing this aspect from your mind. You can detach yourself completely from this responsibility and focus on the other services that you offer your clients. The agency will send over reports that you can personalize with your business’s details and logo and everyone will be happy. Why? Because it is a win-win-win situation. When these professionals offer exceptional SEO services, your clients are satisfied. When your clients are satisfied, they come back for more and also recommend your agency to others.

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