Writing Killer Blog Posts: The Ultimate Guide

When you choose to write blog posts, you need to know that you are not the first person to write on the same topic. There are thousands of people who have done it before you. This simply means that most of the content you produce will remain invisible and irrelevant, especially if you didn’t develop strategies that will help you stand out from your competition.

There are many strategies that can help you devise killer blog posts that get noticed. However, they are not created equal. Some of the best which have passed the test of time include;

Write unique titles

The biggest mistake you can make when writing a blog post is to write any title that comes into your mind and thinking that search engines will do the rest.  Remember, a blog title is like a display window in a local store.

If the display window is appealing, clients are lured into getting into the store and testing out the products offered. On the other hand, if the display looks cloggy and unappealing, passersby will not even notice it, and no one will have the urge to venture inside.

The same case applies to blog titles. If the title sounds generic and promises zero value to the target audience, it will receive few or no clicks at all.

The trick here is to write world-class titles that grab attention. Instead of using titles that are similar to those used by your competitors, why don’t you try using strong language, controversial terminologies, or numbers? For example, instead of saying “benefits of social media,” try saying, “social media is the new sexy.” Try this trick and be the judge!

Hook your readers with the first paragraph

The success of your blog post will depend on the type of introduction you write. Remember, when you create a unique blog title and attract clicks, you only have less than five seconds to grab visitors’ attention.

Even though most users will scan through the entire blog post before reading it, the first paragraph is the one that will determine whether they stay and read the entire post, or they leave and look for information elsewhere.

Ensure that the first paragraph contains the value your readers are looking for. It could include things such as definitive declarations, statistics, controversial claims, or facts. The goal of this paragraph should not be to help you reach the word count but to pique the interest of your target audience and persuade them to continue reading the rest of the text.

Use videos and relevant images

Even if you write the best content on the web, it will receive high bounce rates if you don’t complement it with compelling visual elements.

By using visual elements, you will not only keep readers glued to the text, but you will also lure them into sharing it, thus enabling you to get more traffic than you had earlier anticipated.

If you have a high-quality camera, you can take your own pictures, edit them, and use them in your blogs. Alternatively, you can use stock images from reliable sites.

Use personal anecdotes

Instead of using pointless rambles or boring facts, try using personal experiences in your writing to attract attention.

Even though most sources of information will discourage you from using first person in your writing, the truth is that people love personal stories. However, to make the best out of your experiences, use an authentic voice that reflects your values and professionalism. If you attempt to use fiction or other people’s stories like your own, you might achieve success now, but sooner or later, readers will catch up with you, and the credibility and reputation you have worked hard to build will be damaged.

Finally…don’t stop promoting

You cannot publish a killer blog post and then sit down, waiting for organic page views to accumulate. To achieve the success you desire, you need to get out of your comfort zone and use multiple mediums to promote your content aggressively.

Don’t forget that awesome content will never go viral if it’s seen by people. Therefore, develop a content marketing strategy that will constantly bring the world right to your blog post. If not, you will end up having a worse record than the New York Knicks in the NBA.

Use multiple social media platforms, question and answer sites such as Quora, email marketing, and custom RSS feeds to promote your content and sell its value to all and sundry. This way, it will gain traction in no time, and help you achieve the success you have desired since launching your blog.

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