How Long Should Your College Application Essay Be?

Applying to college is accompanied by considerable anxiety for most students. You may already know the structure of an academic essay. But, the story of a successful college admission comes from a completely different world.

Your college application composition gives inspiration to your work; it’s an opportunity to reveal your personality, to confirm your goals, and to share your life experiences. It mirrors your character over and above your school scores. That is why your way of putting down the words should touch the admissions committee officers.

The most challenging part of applying to college is to grasp your statement of purpose. Drafting a statement of purpose is not squeezing your whole life experiences into a composition as it’s not a diary. Rather, it should define the story of a particular moment in time. Nearly all students may cast doubt over “how long should an application college essay be?” You’ll lose our chance of admission in case of drafting too much or too little. In this blog post, we’ll review how much word limits matter for a standard admissions length.

Can I go over/under the word limit?

Each college provides you with a specific set of instructions that usually contain their target size. Some have page limits while others set a word limit. However, most college admissions officers focus on the content rather than length. They prompt learners to concisely narrate the usual story of their life and to convey their experiences in their daily tone.

Prioritizing quality over quantity doesn’t mean writing 250 words is sufficient when the admissions committee requires 650. Note that presenting more than the requested page/words will get you to the astray too. If you convey the message in 300 words but the maximum was 350, don’t add extra words, as those 50 words will reduce the strength of your message. Likewise, if you exceeded the maximum word count, revise your draft extent instead of deleting extra lines. To summarize, you should observe the given word limit for your college admissions.

What is the common length?

College admission papers are often quite short with the least word limit of 250 and the maximum of 650 words. Writing a statement of purpose is not inherited – rather, you’ll gain the skill through planning and practicing over time. Just follow some simple steps to relieve the pains of putting the words on paper.

Figure out the question and delve into an easy-writing process. Reflect and put all the ideas in your mind down on the paper. Choose themes that best suit the admission topic, and then, start telling your own story. A good story consists of a beginning, a middle part, and an end. A personal statement also needs an introduction, body, and conclusion. Find your writing style and own voice. Be yourself, don’t pretend!

Generally, colleges don’t post any official length and requirements on their websites. But if you need some hints, you can visit websites offering custom essay writing service.

Observing some little points will instruct the length of your written statement as an applicant:

  • Stick to the main road instead of beating the bush

  • Share your daily life in your words rather than words from a thesaurus.

  • Be original and authentic: skilled admissions officers can easily detect whether you’re true to yourself or just rewriting other drafts.

  • Be concise: Imagine the pile of papers each admission officer should read every day. Don’t exceed the maximum word limit to avoid overreaching their patience.

  • Be honest: To be yourself feels better than to pretend to be a star at everything!

  • Be an individual: Try to distinguish yourself from thousands of applicants.

  • Be coherent: limit the scope of your draft to the asked topic to avoid scattered, unfocused, and superficial words.

  • Answer the prompt: try to just embrace relevant information. Abstract or generalized writing must be replaced with concrete information and examples.

The Final Step

Before turning in your essay, proofread it to make sure everything is in order. When you re-read your work, you can spot unintentional mistakes such as misspellings, repetitions, and word usage. Also, check the clarity and consistency of your message.

You may also wonder: “can anyone help write my essay?”. Of course. In addition to asking your friends and parents, there are online communities and services where you can post “write my essay” requests.

Bottom Line

Some college admission officers suggest that “a short bad essay is better than a long bad one.” Don’t worry about the length, consider the content and how you convey the meaning.

Generally speaking, 500 words (more or less) are almost a safe number and standard word limit length for academic admissions. This range is adequate for nurturing the fundamental ideas and getting to the bottom of things as fast as possible (admissions officers are buried with a pile of thousands of drafts, remember?).

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