How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Web Design Clients

Today, online platforms, especially social media, play a significant role in business marketing; web design being one of the businesses. According to Statista, Instagram records over 500 million logins daily. Hence it goes without saying that, if you intend to offer professional website design services, you should consider converting Instagram users into potential clients.

Besides, a significant number of Instagrammers are embracing blogging, which will require them to come up with personal lifestyle websites. If done properly, you can make quite a significant amount from this market niche. Below are some of the best strategies you can use to grow your web design clients on Instagram.

Generate Website Traffic from your Instagram Followers

The easiest way to generate online customers is to build significant traffic to your business website. Instagram is a suitable platform since it offers a large audience that can be easily accessed over a short period. Nonetheless, it will require you to be patient since generating quality traffic to your website will not happen overnight.

It is paramount that you include a link in your profile and start coming up with original and authentic content for your page. Users who are interested in your website services will easily access your platform by just clicking on the link. This will help convert these users into loyal customers. With quality services delivery and consistent feeds, the traffic to your website will increase through the multiplier effect which may arise as a result of recommendations and the influence of testimonials that you post on your Instagram stories.

Use Quality and Catchy Hashtags

Given the numerous daily feeds being posted on Instagram, it is getting difficult to have a post that stands out from the rest.  Therefore, to improve the potential and outreach of your posts, you must use a significant number of hashtags.

Your hashtag should be clear on what you intend to promote. For instance, in the case of web design services, hashtags such as #websitedesign #webdesign #websitedevelopment or #website can be used. To remain relevant to the industry’s trend, invest in researching for the most relevant hashtags. Your choice should correspond to what your market niche will be searching.

Usually, you are allowed to use 30 hashtags only. As a web designer, it is important that you utilize all the 30 hashtags provided. However, you may require a wide variety to choose from since Instagram may penalize you for repetitively applying the same hashtags in all your posts. In other words, your post may not show for a given hashtag if you are using the hashtag too much. You should consistently change your choices to avoid your posts looking spammy.

You should also avoid hashtags with numerous posts. Whenever you use a hashtag in your caption, it will show you how many posts there are under that particular hashtag. If it has a lot of posts, potential clients may easily miss your posts when they click on the hashtag. It is advisable to use specific hashtags that are specific to the website design business.

Always Post High Quality and Consistent Feeds

A picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase has never been closer to the truth. Well, in this case, a picture is worth a thousand likes! The primary concept of Instagram is to share pictures, and video feeds. Therefore, it is obvious that the quality of your feed will influence the reaction of users. A quality post will be effective in expressing ideas and emotions in a manner that complements today’s society. Besides, given the power of images that transcend the language barrier, clarity ensures that we can understand the information behind it easily.

Aside from keeping to a color scheme throughout your posts, you should also use Instagram filters to your benefit. You should consider applying the same filters throughout your posts to maintain a cohesive look on your page.

Images and video feeds take center stage on this platform. Clickable links are only secondary to the images. Besides, they are only available in a few locations on Instagram. Therefore, the quality of your image will influence an Instagrammer’s decision to click on the link in your profile.

Although the quality of your posts plays a significant role, you must include your website link, either on your profile or as a caption on your posts. Alternatively, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you have a chance to add a link to your stories. Therefore, with the feature, your potential client will be redirected to the page corresponding to your post directly. User will not have to use the profile link which might require them to put more effort into looking for the actual post.

Arrange your Sample Website with Thumbnails

Apart from the quality of your videos and images, their arrangement on your Instagram business profile also matters. Thumbnails are one of the best ways in which you can neatly display your sample website designs to your potential clients. You can always come up with multiple thumbnails of images and motion pictures that are related to website design services. When an Instagrammer visits your Instagram profile, he or she can quickly click on particular images or videos to see the enlarged design. These designs have links that directly take the potential client to your business site. This feature will enable clients to view the existing design and maybe inquire about them or any upcoming designs.

Shopping on Instagram

Shopping on Instagram is a feature that lets users with business accounts to link to commodities directly. Although this feature may be inconvenient if you are offering services or digital products, it can still be used in selling websites.

To be able to use this feature, you must be in a country that supports the Shopping on Instagram feature. Aside from that, you must have a clear business profile. In addition, your Instagram account must be linked with a Facebook catalog.

WordPress users can always use WooCommerce. WooCommerce store owners can easily market and sell products through Shopping on Instagram provided they meet the set requirement.

Engage Clients

The safest way to ensure constant business growth is through customer engagement. No matter how small and simple your business set up is, you must at least understand the complexities of your market niche in order to tailor your web designs to meet their needs. Instead of using technical terms that might not be understood by your customers, you should simplify the process and terms. Your pictures should explain your web designing process or present the final website sample in a way that will not require any additional explanation.

Instagram Stories feature is another tool that you can use to involve your customer. Make use of this feature to show your clients how your design team is coming up with the primary designs as well as the design process. Additionally, you can also add color, themes and animations to make them more captivating. Instagram stories can also be used to shares success stories from other clients. While these clients will enjoy the limelight, these success stories will also act as a marketing strategy to help lure more clients to your business website.

Also, you should strive to respond to peoples’ comments on your posts, especially if they are sincere. Unless you have tens of thousands of followers, you will find responding to these comments to be an easy task. Even better, the more likes and comments you have the higher your chance of having your post appear on the search section of most users.

Promote Brand Awareness

Likes and followers are important in ensuring that your Instagram marketing strategy is successful. In order to build your brands, you should develop a significant presence online. Your primary objective is to always come up with unique and captivating posts that will make you stand out among your competitors. The more the likes, the more the brand acceptance and fan following on the platform.

In order to achieve genuine likes over a short period of time without spamming, you may require thorough research on your target market. Alternatively, you can always use social media tools, specifically those with positive reviews among users.

The Takeaway

Currently, social media platforms provide you with a new line of customers who can easily boost your sales turnover. Instagram is one of those platforms that can be employed to reach out to new clients, particularly those in need of website design services. First, with your business website link on your bio, you can easily generate traffic to your site and as a result, increase the number of clients. However, to successfully achieve this, you will be required to work with high-quality images, properly arrange your post with thumbnails, and use quality hashtags. Another effective means is using the Shopping on Instagram feature which allows users to directly access your product. Promoting brand awareness and the engaging client will help push your business to the next level.

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