How to Make Money Online Without Leaving Your House

The entry of the internet back in 1994 has changed our everyday life from how we communicate to the generation of income. The job market has also witnessed the impact of the web with numerous new niches cropping up that did not exist more than two decades ago.

Today, it has become possible to make money from the comfort of one’s home with all that is demanded to get the task done being internet connectivity and a smartphone, laptop, or any other gadget that is internet-enabled.

Unlike popular myths that many would believe, online jobs are not particularly get-rich-quick schemes. Even though they eliminate the demand of showing up at a specific location and abiding by a dress code, the niche has some heavy lifting of its own. One of the most significant demands of working on the web is time, which comes with nearly every territory, even offline.

Also, the lack of physical monitoring requires one to have a killer work ethic that sees them stay on a schedule on their own. Making money online is not entirely an easy task, but when done right, the option is more than possible. This route has become an effective side hustle for millions around the world, while for others, it has grown to become their full-time job.

Playing Casino Games

Casino gambling stands as one of the few passive ways one can make money online without much effort being applied.Since the practice is highly dependent on chance, all one has to do is find an online casino like BoomtownBingo, place their stake and wait for lady luck to grace them with wins. Nowadays you can do it easily, cause there is a lot of free slots no download needed. The lack of effort means that the use of money and the risks taken are high. Even so, some games accommodate the use of skills and strategies to maximize the winning chances that come by.

For instance, in the game of roulette, punters have been known to use strategies like Fibonacci, Martingale, and Reverse Martingale to walk away with profits whenever they get the chance. In most cases, professional gamblers lean towards games like poker where cunning can be used as well, which has seen some players winning millions of dollars. The various games that players can engage in online gambling establishments include:

  • Slots

  • Roulette

  • Blackjack

  • Poker

  • Video poker

  • Scratch cards

  • Bingo, etc.

Players can claim various bonuses offered on the websites to increase real money play time without using more cash of their own. The terms and conditions of these bonuses should be followed in order to get more.

Phone Applications

Mobile phones have grown into devices that can do much more than call and send text messages. Today, smartphones and tablets rule the market with more than three billion users around the world, and almost all of them access the internet. Therefore, it is no surprise that a lot of firms would use them as a way to help people make some money.

Almost all smartphones rely on applications to run as they do from showing the time to connecting people through social media. Instead of idling around scrolling through apps like Instagram and Facebook, you can choose to install apps that can help bring in some extra income. Most of these applications are usually free, and some of the popular ones include:


Airbnb, which is an acronym for Air Bed and Breakfast, is an American-based company that has achieved worldwide success as a rental app. With this application, you can rent out your home or part of it to guests effortlessly who want to stay for a short while. Airbnb helps connect you to your clients from around the world, and the offline tasks you have to do is maintain your house or apartment in a clean state on the expectation of visitors. On the upside, you can include a cleaning fee for the work.


Slidejoy is as passive as online money-making ventures can get. The application does not require users to do anything beyond creating an account and go about using their phones as they usually would. The app proceeds to display advertisements and stories on your lock screen while paying you for it. Depending on the device being used, you can either swipe left or up to learn more about the ad being shown while swiping right opens the phone.

Earnings are transacted through PayPal, which is a significant upside, considering the widespread and reliable nature of the money transaction platform. You can also choose to donate the cash to charity organisations such as Got Your Six or Jericho Project. On the downside, this app is limited to Android users only.


Clashot caters to internet users that consider themselves to carry the photography skill. With the app, one is paid to snap photos of different elements like food, art, physical sites, and many other things without limit. These photographs are then sold on Depositphotos, where various firms and websites come to purchase stock photos.

Depending on the buyer, you can snub anywhere between fifty cents and eighty dollars. The app has the added advantage of including royalties, which average at about 44% of the sale being made.


Like movies, applications have nurtured the habit of releasing trailers to showcase what they have to offer to potential clients. Apptrailers serves as a way for these apps to drive traffic towards them, which is usually determined by the number of views they get. By getting the application, you are paid to watch various trailers that last about thirty seconds. The lowest amount one can receive per trailer is 500 points, which translates into 50 cents when exchanged.

Therefore, one can collect a dollar per minute and 60 dollars per hour. However, the platform may not have that many trailers for you to watch continuously. Nonetheless, it ranks well, considering the rate it pays per hour.

Yard Sales

The online platform has allowed people to reduce yard sales to small posts on the web without going through the trouble of arranging items on their yard and having individuals come by and look at anything they are interested in. Using the web route to conduct a sale of goods opens you up to a much broader market and helps you do business in much simpler terms. Various tips have to be applied to ensure that you attract as many customers as possible while safeguarding your interests, and they include:

  • Start by selling small items that can help you build your reputation. In most cases, reviews are used to determine the best sellers online, and you want to get and retain a spot on this list. The items you sell can either be purchased or from goods that you are looking to get rid of in your home. In the case of the latter, make sure they are in good shape.

  • Snap good photos. Most people are attracted by how an item looks rather than the description that is given. The picture should be taken in natural lighting and using a camera that captures it best. If the item has been used before, be honest about it in the description and take some photos of any defects.

  • Mind the prices attached to the item. Ensure that you do not go too high that you end up being unreasonable. Even so, do not go too low that you end up incurring losses after everything is said and done. Calculate the cost of the item, shipping fees, and add a small profit.

  • Have some order to how you manage your posts. Make sure that you keep track of items that you have sold and those that have yet to be purchased. That way, you avoid confusing your customers.

  • Remember that the client is king. Customer service should be the primary concern to ensure that it is granted in a professional but open manner. How you handle a client can determine whether you sell an item or not.

Numerous applications can be used to complete yard sales, one of the most popular being Facebook. This application started as the first-ever social media platform and has since grown to include an online market space to its long list of services. If you are looking for apps that are dedicated to the sale of items only on the web, some favourable options include eBay, CPLUS for Craigslist, OfferUp, Carousell, and LetGo, among others. Before using any of these platforms, it is recommended to read through their terms and conditions to see whether they allow the sale of the goods you want to focus on.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal option if you are already running a website or planning to run a blog. With this option, you enter into partnerships with various companies and brands that are associated with the content you put up on your site.

These firms provide an affiliate code that is linked to any mention you give of them or their products on your site. Payment comes in when you drive traffic to their website, which is usually done by readers clicking on the mentioned item. In most cases, the rates are driven up if they choose to spend money on the product.

For instance, when running a casino review website, you can partner with various gambling destinations that then provide a unique affiliate link. This link can be used to market the different games they have on offer or the bonuses and promotions that are running for both new and returning clients. When players click on the item, they are redirected to the casino where they can witness it firsthand. If they choose to deposit, claim the bonuses, and engage in gameplay, you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing demands a lot of planning and research before getting it right. And once a firm to partner with is landed, consistency is also required to ensure that you maintain reasonable earning rates. Some of the actionable steps that can be taken towards achieving this are:

  • Choose an ideal firm to market. The company whose affiliate program you would like to join should have products that are related to the content you put out.

  • Take time to look into the firms’ legitimacy by reading through reviews and becoming familiar with their items. You can go as far as purchasing their products or engaging in their services to ensure that you provide trustworthy information to your readers.

  • Conduct ample research on what is required to be part of an affiliate program successfully. Your areas of focus should be what works best with readers, the ideal payment, and the various cashier channels used for money transfer.

  • Employ the use of images. Most readers tend to respond more to pictures than they do to written descriptions. However, make sure that it is not overdone to overwhelm your clients or make them bored due to the use of the same images.

  • Study your target market. Identify which demographic mostly visits your website and which affiliate marketed items they respond to the best. You can then focus on selling the product and others that are related to it.

Affiliate Marketing may have numerous demands, but it also has various advantages that make it an excellent route for making money online. Such programs are usually free to join, so you do not have to worry about any membership fees. You also don’t have to fret about creating, stocking, or shipping products. All that is required is for you to market it to your online audience.

Freelance Writing

It is often stated that if you can put together a group of words in a way that makes sense, you can be a writer. Therefore, if your line of thought can clearly be jotted down on paper, you can go on to add freelance writing as an option to make money online. Freelance writing can be carried out in various ways, and they include:

  • Blogging

Most prominent writers of today began their craft by blogging. This option is considered the best yet the simplest since you get to play by your own rules. Blogs serve as an excellent way for you to practice writing without having to meet another party’s standards.

Also, it gives you legitimacy as a writer looking to work on other platforms since you have a portfolio to point to whenever you need to prove to a client exactly what you can do. With this platform, you can also bring to life some content that is not being addressed enough but gets a lot of people curious.

  • Self-published books

If you trust your ability to tell stories, then go ahead and publish a book online. This option does not demand you to have a publisher or worry about the production of books and their distribution in stores. All you require is an internet-connected gadget and your creativity. Amazon provides some killer tips on how to go about the process, and they also offer a platform to sell the books once they are out. Other apps that can be used include Mills and Boon and Wattpad where they can be published for free access or purchase by readers.

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is known to make the most decent money of all freelance writing options. The impressive nature of the cash made here is because writers go directly into business with companies that need content to publish on their website or other areas. Usually, a lot of professionalism is required in this niche. The content produced should be able to capture the attention of the reader to help the business grow.

In copywriting, writers are paid according to the hours they work or the number of words they write. Many people have managed to make this option a full-time job seeing that some record earnings of more than two hundred thousand dollars per year.

  • Guest posts

Guest posts share a lot of similarities with copywriting, but they revolve mainly around blogs. As a way to get traffic to your site, you can contact other bloggers and swap content creation for a day. You can write something on their blog, and they can write something on yours, with each party focusing on their area of expertise to bring something new to the other’s platform.

Choose bloggers that are growing like you when you start out and move on to more prominent names as you continue to see more flow to your website. In the long run, you will have a big enough name to sell ideas to successful blogs and have your content featured on their site.

Making money online has numerous advantages over the conventional nine-to-five white-collar jobs that are still so popular such as the freedom to work from wherever you choose. Even so, they demand a lot of dedication, research, and consistency to work.

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