UX Trends for 2020: What Designers Should Know

When we talk about UX (user experience), it’s important to understand one thing: it will change constantly. And because of that, designers must pay attention to the trends and new possibilities that emerge.

Being the internet something very visual for the users, all applications, websites and everything inside this world must be revised from time to time. 

Thus, there are some important aspects that designers should be aware of. At Upsites Digital, there is a list of trends for UX to be considered in 2020.

1. Minimalist Design

One of the biggest trends for 2020 is the use of minimalist designs. To focus in good user experience, with less information, is going to be more interesting than giving too much information for the user. And also it will help you in performance and SEO, because your website will be much more faster.

If a company is able to solve the user’s problems in a few paragraphs, this is what they should deliver. After all, the user will be glad that he/she must do something easy and simple in order to have this issue resolved.

Therefore, working with minimalist design has to be a joint force between different departments of the company. This is important because everything the designer is creating, must be related to what the whole company and all the employees understand is the best.

In order to make it happen, it’s necessary to use creativity and technical knowledge. Therefore, designers have to be qualified for the job in order to create great UX in 2020.

For a minimalist design, it’s important that:

  • There is blank space;
  • The elements use the smallest space possible;
  • The result is that the user has more space to see what is really important.

2. Synchronizing different devices

Nowadays, time is money, free time is used carefully, and besides that, time means quality of life. Because of that, if a person needs to use an app on a mobile device, and after that wants to connect the account to a desktop, this option has to be available.

For designers, it’s essential that the same message is given in all devices, and that important information are equally received in different platforms.

Being aware of this trend for a long time, Apple has released the Apple Watch in 2015, which is a device able to synchronize information with other Apple devices. Therefore, consuming less time from the user, and this is something very important.

3. Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence

Both virtual reality and artificial intelligence are being developed at all times. When it comes to marketing, websites and applications, it’s not different. That’s why designers have to understand how to work with these technologies.

On the one hand, there is virtual reality, in which it’s possible to straighten the relationship between consumers and customers. As well as sales results, after all users can interact with virtual and physical parts of a company.

With this, it’s possible to make customers come back because they have had a great experience shopping with this specific store, for example.

On the other hand, we have artificial intelligence. Considering UX trends, this is quite new and still needs studying and improvement to be used. Basically it’s about intelligent machines identifying trends, patterns and predictions about many aspects of a business.

With that, web developers and designers must work together in order to get all the feedback from the current marketing campaigns. And those with the best results, are the ones to be used again and improved for the next month.

4. Inclusive design represent inclusive companies

Something that is already part of everyone’s lives is accessibility and making products and services available for all types of consumers isn’t something new. In 2020, designers should focus on the various personas that may be interested by a product or service.

With that in mind, it will be possible to develop better designs aimed for all consumers. And by doing that, companies send the message that not only their designs are inclusive, but the whole company thinks like that. 

5. Chatbots make user experience more interesting

This is not a trend for machines to pretend they are humans. People already know when a robot is talking to them on social media or a website. However, the better the chatbot interface, the most significant is the result in sales.

So, it is important that designers understand this concept and its importance use this technology together with a great user experience. 

This way, the company will be able to contact future consumers even at night or on weekends. And ultimately, those robots can even result in sales for online stores and service providers.

From where to start?

Considering the 5 UX trends for 2020, it’s possible that people start to wonder from where to start. We understand there are many things to work on, however the first step is always understand the company’s scenario. 

If there is no knowledge regarding any of the UX trends mentioned here, the work will be harder and take longer to happen. But if the people understand the difference that a minimalist design causes, it will be easier to make this come true.

The same happens to all the other 4 trends:

  • The synchronization of different devices is really important to guarantee companies are contacting future consumers everywhere.
  • Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are constantly being developed and are part of everyone’s lives.
  • Inclusive design is going to guarantee the company can reach all and any kind of consumer that needs their solutions.
  • And finally, chatbots are the partners every business person always dreamed of: no rest, and a lot of productivity.

Considering all this, it’s easy to understand why these are the 5 UX trends for 2020. So now that you understand that, it’s past time you started improving your business.

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