The Reason Why Swedes Don’t Want To Play On Swedish Casinos Any Longer

Most Swedes have taken gambling as part of their daily routine, an everyday activity. Visit any local bar, walk through any Swedish street, take a trip on a ferry and you will surely come across some forms gambling. This is largely due to the legalization of gambling and gaming activities (landbased and online casino) in the country. While landbased casino was introduced into Sweden in 1992, online gambling became popular in the country 10 years later in 2002. However, since the coming into force of the new Swedish gaming laws on 1st of January 2019, the landscape of gambling in Sweden has changed for both Swedish casino operators and Swedish players.

Apart from requiring that all casinos should obtain Swedish gaming license, there is also a gross gambling revenue tax rate of 18% for casinos. Players are also exempted from winning taxes as long as they continue to play at casinos holding valid license.

These new gaming laws also makes provisions for higher consumer protection, toning down the negative effects of gambling and making sure that gambling is not utilized to aid criminal activities like money laundering and several other illicit acts. A new offense was also introduced, ‘gambling fraud’.

Furthermore, the new regulation also made it compulsory for casinos with Swedish license to offer only one casino bonus or promotion per gaming license compared to casinos located outside the Swedish territory that offer Swedish players with many lucrative bonuses, rewards and promotion. This point has made many Swedes search for casinos without Swedish license to enjoy entertaining and positive gaming experience.

Reasons Swedes Prefer Playing at Non-Swedish Casinos

Free Spins

One of the advantages Non-Swedish casinos have over Swedish casinos is the offering of free spins and who doesn’t like free things? Free spins are offered on slots games in conjunction with a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus. It can also be given independent of any bonus. Free spins are regular features at casinos without a Swedish license, so many Swedes prefer playing slot games with this free spins. Swedish casinos do not offer these lucrative spins.

Casino Bonuses

While casinos with Swedish license offer only one casino bonus or promotion per gaming license or player, non-Swedish casinos offer unlimited bonuses to players. These bonuses usually come as welcome bonus accompanying your first deposit giving you extra cash on multiple deposits. This is also one of the reasons why Swedes don’t want to play on Swedish casinos any longer, they prefer to play at casinos that split bonuses on several deposits rather than playing at Swedish casinos that give only one bonus.

Loyalty Programs

Non-Swedish casinos offer a lot of loyalty programs based on points earned while playing slots. Although this varies from casino to casino. Some casinos grant you access to change the points to funds, while other casinos allow you to use the points to purchase various bonuses and free spins from their loyalty shops. These loyalty programs are not offered by Swedish casinos.


Promotions are quite similar to casino bonuses. They are offered by Non-Swedish casinos during various events. There are weekend promotions, Christmas promotions, Easter promotions and so on. Sometimes, certain competitions are organized by the casinos, offering creative promotions in exchange. Players can win match tickets, trip tickets etc. depending on the amount used in playing. Promotions such as these are only available at online casinos without a Swedish license.

So rather than playing at Swedish casinos, Swedes players have opted to get more profits from gambling by playing at casinos offering awesome casino bonuses, numerous free spins, great loyalty programs and special promotions.

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