Does your Website need a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Whether you’ve just launched a website or have had one for a while, you probably know that having an SSL certificate is essential. If you don’t already know this, let’s quickly explain why. 

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a protocol that establishes an encrypted connection between a server (the place where your website lives) and a client (your website visitor’s browser). This means that any data transferred between the two cannot be intercepted by eavesdroppers. Ever visited a website and seen the little padlock in the address bar? That’s a visual indicator that tells you the connection between this site and your browser is safe. You know that you can trust that website. 

So where do Wildcard SSLs fit in? If you have one domain with multiple subdomains linked to it, a Wildcard certificate is the smartest SSL solution. Here are some possible subdomains of this made-up site,, as an example:


With a Wildcard SSL, you can secure the main domain and multiple subdomains with just one SSL certificate. If you opted for a regular single-domain SSL, you would have to purchase an SSL certificate for each subdomain, which would be confusing as well as costly.

Alternatively, if you don’t have multiple subdomains yet, but you plan to diversify your site in the future, then WildCard SSLs are a great option. This is because you won’t need to get the certificate reissued every time you create a new subdomain — it will automatically be secured by the Wildcard certificate file installed on your server. 

Still not sure if you need one? Here are some of the benefits of a Wildcard SSL:


  • They’re cheaper in the long run: When browsing different types of SSLs, Wildcard Certificates seem like the pricier option at first. But if you do the math, purchasing multiple single-domain certificates will end up costing a lot more, especially if you decide to expand your site later.
  • Easy to install across multiple servers: You might have wondered what if your websites’ subdomains are hosted on different IP addresses? It doesn’t matter. Installation is still straightforward. (As an FYI, we also recommend avoiding Certificate Authorities that charge you extra to do this)


  • Easy to manage: Keeping track of one SSL and when it needs to be renewed is much easier than keeping track of several. 

Well, there you have it. A Wildcard SSL Certificate is an ideal solution for websites with multiple subdomains, or ambitious businesses that plan on expanding in the future.

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