How To Identify What Landing Pages To Opt For

Choosing the right landing page for your business is challenging, particularly when you are a small business looking to expand. But by conducting testing as well as observing your competitors you can make a landing page that works effectively. To help you out, we will be looking into how you can identify what landing page will work best for your business.

Look At Data

When you look at the different landing pages it is important to monitor the success of the data. By A and B testing the different landing pages, you can see which converts the best. This is crucial for your business as this can then be implemented onto your website. This will in turn help to boost conversions as a result as well as allow your readers to gain access to everything they need in a short space of time.

Keep it Simple

In addition to checking the data, it is important to keep it simple. If you have a long landing page, this can lead to customers to clicking off elsewhere. Therefore, finding a layout with copy that works effectively is crucial. This can be a difficult process of trial and error should you decide to undertake this task in-house. Alternatively, you can use a UK seo company to your advantage. With knowledge in keyword optimisation and conversion rate optimisation, they can help you to increase conversion rates as well as increase the brand identity over a prolonged period.

Never Underestimate Social Proof

Social proof can be anything from client reviews to testimonials or an extensive portfolio and can work wonders on a landing page. By showing pride in your business and showing these testimonials can help to make your landing page stand out. This is important for customer acquisition as you are allowing your customers to make their own decisions when it comes to investing in your services. In addition, younger target audiences tend to react more to video and short snappy copy than they do to long pages of content on a website. Therefore, this form of content on a landing page could benefit you significantly.

Keep It Interactive

In addition to this, having the page be interactive and interesting can also benefit you. By providing your users with diagrams infographics and simple to find forms you are likely to see an increase in conversions. This is because customers will be eager to get in contact with you. By allowing them to sign up for email newsletters and get in contact with you from the landing page, you are then encouraging them to convert and get in contact with them for more details. This is ideal as you are then fulfilling smart goals whilst gaining enquires from the home page. 

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can make a landing page work to your advantage by keeping it simple and ensuring that it is as fit for purpose to ensure your audience get all the information, they need all in one place.

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