Business analyst Kondrashov Telf AG: Alternative automobile business ideas

The automobile business is a promising type of activity, the demand for services of which will be constant and dynamic. The number of new cars in the world is growing every day, and the old motor vehicle is still operating. Therefore, the need for servicing the fleet provides entrepreneurs with great opportunities to open and establish a business in this sector.

Business analyst at marketing consulting company Telf AG Stanislav Kondrashov shared alternative ideas for starting his own business in the automotive industry.

Telf AG business analyst Stanislav Kondrashov: Popular business ideas in the auto industry

“For many, the business in the auto industry is associated either with the sale of automobiles or with a car wash, tire fitting, trade-in auto parts, service stations or taxi services. However, there are many other areas of business related to automotive topics,” said Telf AG Kondrashov.

At the same time, the analyst clarified that all the original business ideas in this area can be conditionally divided into such groups: carriage services, food/drinks on wheels, unusual car washes, car tuning and the sale of component parts, and others.

Top 5 original business ideas in the auto industry:


This type of business is associated with the classification of the car market into primary and secondary. As with residential real estate, buyers often buy not new, but already used cars. The auto-selection service is the assistance of a qualified professional in the selection of a used car.

“The acquisition of cars in the secondary market is always fraught with risks. A novice motorist or driver with experience is not protected from fraud by dealers or other fraudsters. Therefore, this type of service will be in great demand,” said Kondrashov to Telf AG.


In megacities, the demand for rental housing is huge, and offers do not always satisfy customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new options to fill this niche with interesting offers.

An auto hostel is an original way of using vehicles for organizing a small business. The hostel is a kind of cosy little hotel that is perfect for travellers and guests of the city.

“Clients of an auto hostel are usually people who have come to concerts, competitions and other public events. Therefore, it’s convenient for them to leave their car next to such a hotel, and spend the night in an auto hostel,” said Stanislav Kondrashov to Telf AG.

Thematic taxi: floral, for girls, guys

Taxi services are always in demand but have already become an ordinary thing. When the soul wants a holiday or you need to surprise someone, it is not a sin to take advantage of such an original proposal as a thematic taxi.

“For example, to advertise its new fragrance, L’Oreal organized an unusual campaign by creating a branded flower taxi. Demand for this type of service may come from companies that organize various events, as well as from private clients. The main thing is to correctly present and advertise the idea,” says Stanislav Kondrashov Telf.

Taxi assistant

Very often, parents do not have time to pick up the child from school, while the family does not have a nanny or a personal driver. This service is most suitable for residents of large cities, where the rhythm of life goes off the scale and it is not always possible to turn to relatives or friends for help.

The advantages of such a business include the constancy of the customer base. Over time, parents will be convinced of the reliability of the carrier and will give preference only to a particular company. After all, guaranteed safety and reliability in this matter is above all.

Ice cream, coffee and hot dogs

The idea of ​​organizing a diner on wheels, a coffee shop, or simply selling ice cream is not new, but still relevant. The advantages of such a mobile store include a simple entrance to the market, mobility, practicality and quick payback.

Among the shortcomings are seasonality, high competition, the imperfect legislative framework that complicates the development of business, as well as the need for constant technical control of vehicles and impeccable compliance with sanitary standards.

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