How to make your first website in WordPress

Have you never created a website and want your own website on your own domain? Today, there are many different platforms that allow you to create your own website easily. is one of many. This is a good option for many. How these platforms work is different, some are free, others cost money and some place ads on your site. In addition, there are always rules and conditions that you must follow when using their platform. If you want to feel free and do what you want on your website, this article will help you get started.

Start by choosing a domain name

The first thing you should do is choose a domain name for example. You buy a domain from a domain provider, the most common domains .com .org .info .eu cost around 10 euros / pound / dollar per year for a domain. So it’s not expensive. Which domain provider you choose is a matter of taste, feel free to read reviews for the various domain providers and choose the one that has good reviews. It is preferable that they have good customer support and support is important, especially if you are a beginner.

Once you have selected your domain (such as and bought it, you should install e.g. WordPress, which we take up in this example. Domain providers often have one-click installation, which makes it very easy to install.

Install theme on your blog

Now you should start filling your website with text, images and videos, depending on what your website is about. In our example, we choose to make a personal blog. Once you have installed WordPress, there is already a theme installed. This is the default theme from WordPress. But there are thousands of themes to choose from, free and paid versions, so called pro. It is recommended to change from the original theme, but it is of course possible to keep the current theme if you prefer. How do you find a theme that is good and what do you want from a theme? First and foremost, it must be responsive, it must work well on all platforms, computer, mobile and tablet. Nowadays, most themes are responsive, but it is good to check this as there are some themes that are not responsive. Then the rest is a matter of taste and what you should have the blog for. There are themes that are simple and these do not have many functions and then there are themes that have many functions so you can make various changes to the website.

Now you should add texts and pictures

Now it’s time to start writing on your blog, those who visit your site expect you to have something interesting to tell or show. If you like photography, a photo blog with interesting pictures is a good idea. Then remember to post pictures of good quality. You may want to write about yourself and your life on your blog. If you want Google to think that your website is good, then you should write seo properly. But this is not all, when you create a blog, no matter what the purpose of your blog is. So it should be user friendly and your visitors should easily navigate around your site. Divide your text into paragraphs so that it is easy to read and easy to both understand and read.

Get links to your website

When you want to get high up in Google search results, there are many different factors that come into play. Learn seo, that is important. One of the most important factors is that others have links to your website. If someone has a blog and links to your site is something that happens afterwards. Then you can write guest posts on other blogs, get social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are good at recording video, you can post it on Youtube and / or Vimeo, which are the biggest. You get followers like and more and more people will visit your blog and over time you will get better results in the search engine search results. You need to be patient because it will take time to climb up in the search engine search results. Rome was not built in a day.

Blog regularly and keep the website updated

When you surf around on the internet, you sometimes come to a website that has not been updated for a very long time. It is then out of date and old information on the page and many visitors often go on to another page. So it is important that a website is updated regularly with new information and new texts and images. In addition, search engines like pages that are updated regularly. Renew the page a bit then, it’s always nice.

It is easy to create your own blog, only the imagination sets the limits. Blog about what you are interested in, it always tends to be the best. For you, it is easy to write about a topic you are interested in and that you have knowledge of. Your visitors will no doubt notice this. Good luck!

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