WordPress and Plugin for Beginners

When you are a beginner at WordPress, you make mistakes, most people do. The first thing to do is learn WordPress and make a simple website. In this way you learn the basics. Choose to create a website that should have no bearing on SEO and Google. A website that you can make your beginner mistakes on. This is the best way to start, then you do not have to concentrate on Google appreciating the website.

It was a man named Michael Valdrighi who started creating WordPress and the first version was launched in May 2003. Already the following year, 2004, WordPress had support for the plugin for the first time.

Make website in the 90s

When you made a website in the 90’s, it was very complicated. You had to write everything in html code and it was difficult. Not only that, at that time there was no fast internet. It was a dial-up modem, those who were there at the time will never forget this annoying sound. You had to write code for everything, pictures, backgrounds, colors and everything that would be on the website. This took an incredibly long time, not least to upload it when you were done with html coding. It could take hours.

WordPress is very user friendly nowadays

Nowadays, WordPress is fantastically easy to learn, everyone who has an interest learns WordPress in a few days. You can look at getupwilly.com that uses wordpress. Of course, it takes time to become perfect, if you ever become perfect. But what is certain is that it is very simple and user-friendly. It is also very easy to find answers to questions, the information pages about WordPress are endless.

Plugin is good but you should not have too many

A plugin that is a tool, you could say, or plugins as it is called. This is a program you install in WordPress. If you are good at code, you can choose to enter code for different things, but not everyone can work in code. Therefore, the plugin is very easy to use and it saves a lot of time as well.

To take a few examples of plugins that you should have installed in your WordPress is a plugin that speeds up your website. If you want tables on your page, there is a plugin for that, so you do not have to write a table in code. In cases where you have comments on your website, there is a plugin called Aksimet Anti-spam and it blocks obvious spam comments. For blogs like www.knullkompis.eu, Aksimet Anti-spam is a good plugin. There are thousands of plugins to download and install to your WordPress page.

Some good plugins that can be recommended are

Contact Form – A contact form so your visitors can contact you in an easy way.

Google Analytics for WordPress – Available in several variants and a way to link your website with Google Analytics so you can see how your visitors move on your website.

Pretty Links – Is a great plugin for e.g. affiliate pages, this plugin shortens long links. And that you can name the link yourself.

Really Simple SSL – Nowadays SSL is a requirement from Google and this plugin makes it easy to administer SSL.

Smush– Helps you make your photos easier so your website is faster. Available in both free and pro versions

Yoast SEO– A plugin that everyone must have on their website. This is an SEO solution including content analysis, XLM sitemaps and more.

These were some examples of plugins, there are thousands more.

Good to know about plugin

Most plugins are free and then there are PRO versions of many plugins, depending on what you need, the free version is often enough. Paying for a plugin is the right thing to do, you then get all the features and usually better and faster support. When you buy a pro plugin, you support the manufacturer of the plugin, which is a good gesture. Even if you use the free version, you can often find donate alternatives to the manufacturer. Feel free to donate money if you are happy with the free version and show your gratitude. For those who have made, it takes a lot of time. And you save a lot of time with a plugin.

When to update the plugin

At regular intervals, the plugin is updated and you will be notified of this on your website’s plugin list. You should always have everything updated, but in this case it is good to wait a few days to update. This is because sometimes there can be bugs in the update and if you wait a few days you can avoid unnecessary trouble. It does not happen often, but when it does, it can be a bit of a problem.

It is always good to have as few plugins as possible on your website, it can be good to know. When you are a beginner, this is not obvious. You can say this, the fewer plugins, the better. And sometimes the plugins “collide” with each other, so here too, the fewer, the better.


Today, it is very easy for anyone who is interested in building websites to make their own website. Either a personal blog, corporate blog or an affiliate site. All the plugins that are available make your work of creating a website a pure pleasure. Good luck with your website!

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