Future Technology Humanity Needs to Prepare for in the Next Decade

Technology has shaped the way we live, and there is a high chance that it’ll continue to do so unless the world gets hit by a mythical electromagnetic pulse that sends us back to the stone age. But that is likely not going to happen.

We use technological gadgets in almost every part of our daily lives. But what can we expect in future technology, and how can we all prepare for it? Throughout this article, we will point out a few technologies that will likely shape humanity over the next few decades.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This wouldn’t come as a surprise. Several organizations such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have developed functional Artificial Intelligence that has accomplished great feats. For example, AlphaGo, which is Google’s AI in the DeepMind program, beat the world champion of the complex game Go.

With AI, there is a possibility for smart houses, where different appliances in a household can be controlled with little or no human interaction. The integration of AI into households is based on the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Google Assistant and Alexa are good examples.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

If you love playing games, then you might have heard about or even played Virtual Reality (VR) games. However, VR is not limited to only video games. Healthcare professionals have also started using VR to prepare themselves for working on real bodies.

Additionally, Google Expeditions for instance, is a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR) that is used in tourism. Some tax-free casinos have also started incorporating VR and AR to offer players more exciting gaming experiences. It will not be surprising to see many VR applications over the next few decades.

Self-Driving Cars

Everybody likes comfort, and technology keeps offering us several ways to enjoy more comfort. Another technology that is likely going to dominate the next few decades is self-driving cars. With the current focus on designing electric cars in a bid to reduce the effect of carbon on the earth’s atmosphere, there is probably going to be a creation of self-driving cars to also reduce accidents and offer comfort.

In June 2020, Waymo announced its partnership with Volvo in a bid to integrate its self-driving technology into their vehicles. We expect to see more self-driving cars soon.

Big Data

Each day, we produce a massive volume of data such as social media posts, emails, videos, and pictures. This vast dataset is called Big Data. According to Datafloq Big Data is the next gold mine, and the reason for this is simple. Several individuals and corporations now sell data for money, which can be used for targeted adverts.

With the constant increase of data we produce, there will be a need for more tools to analyse this data. Thus, Big Data is likely going to be part of our daily life over the next decades.


If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, then the term blockchain will not be new to you. It is practically the sole technology that cryptocurrencies work on, and it is known to be almost impregnable.

Since security is part of human concerns, it will not come as a shock to see many corporations and businesses using blockchain as a method of securing their data and revolutionizing the way they operate. With blockchain technology, transactions can be conducted peer-to-peer without the need for middlemen, thus making it cost-effective for organizations.

5G Cellular Network

Cellular network technology has continued to grow over the years. From being only able to make and receive calls, we can now use our mobile devices to browse the internet on the go. However, there has always been a concern about the speed of the internet connection, especially if you are trying to download or upload a massive chunk of data.

The 3G and 4G era is gradually fading, and now we’re seeing the introduction of 5G. The fifth generation of cellular network will bring about advancements in other trends, such as rich streams of data.

Throughout this article, we have discussed some of the future technologies that will likely dominate the next few decades. From Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Self-Driving Cars to 5G Cellular Networks, these technologies can make life very easy for us.

Other technologies that we also believe will be in rampant use in the future are nanotechnology, wearables, facial recognition, chatbots and so on. Now that you know how beneficial these technologies can be, you can start thinking of different ways to adapt them into your daily life.

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