The Best Sales Prospecting Tools to Use

Sales personnel are often tasked with managing the sales pipeline. However, without the right sales prospecting tools, it may be difficult for business owners to gather the right data and intelligence that is vital for growth. So, how do you choose good sales prospecting tools to resource your salespersons? Here are some of the best sales prospecting tools in the market now.


With Leafleader, you can generate both new leads and sales prospects. You can use it to discover the list of companies that visit your site and whether they contact you or not. A Leafleader Tracker script can be linked to Google Analytics for you to observe visitors to your site’s interactions with your landing pages. You can then craft your outreach campaigns based on the intelligence you gather from your Leafleader. The good news is that this sales prospecting tool also helps you find the contact details for your leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a popular professional social networking app that connects job seekers with employers. It’s also an essential business sales prospecting tool. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced business tool that helps you filter your search results. As one of the biggest social networks, LinkedIn provides a wealth of data. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, salespeople can obtain valuable information on their prospects. You can also save leads and recommend them.


For people seeking to get to the bottom of Twitter Analytics, FollowerWonk can be a must-have sales prospecting tool. Business owners can use it to perform searches based on target keywords such as “Graphic Designers”. This search query will pull up a list of prospects whose profiles relate to graphic designers. It will also provide information on their locations, topics of interests, and their following. FollowerWonk has a premium version and a free offer.

If you’re looking for the best B2B sales prospecting tools to transform your business, you can visit Tropare for more information. Tropare has unique B2B mobile prospecting tools that can enhance your sales team’s abilities to obtain relevant insights.


AngelList is free to use. It’s a convenient business tool that allows start-ups and angel investors to get to know each other better. For sales executives, it’s also a great platform where you can filter info on organizations by various metrics such as employee strength, and the state of their finances. is an email prospecting tool. But unlike other lookup tools of its kind, can be integrated with many CRM applications including Salesforce. It has a unique credit system and works with Google Chrome. Salespeople often use to find email prospects, launch campaigns, mine data, and track analytics and emails. It’s not free though; premium plans begin from $99 per month for a thousand credits.


Looking for a sales prospecting application system to hunt and verify email leads? Invest in Hunter. Equip your sales team with this tool, and they will be in a better position to uncover cursory info on your prospects. Hunter comes with tools that allow you to understand the email structure of companies and also download emails from domains.

In summary, sales prospecting tools are essential for sales personnel today. You can also empower your data with Tropare.

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