Technology Advancement in the Car Industry has Made Driving a Safe Task

Technology advancement has made a positive impact on the car industry and it has changed the way we operate our cars. The number of road accidents is increasing on a large scale and it has made car manufacturers improve their vehicles with the use of technology. There are many technologies available in the car industry that have increased the safety of a person while driving a car.

In addition to this, it has allowed car drivers to enjoy driving in a comfortable manner. Here is the list of technologies that have increased the safety of people while driving a car:

Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB)

AEB is an excellent feature that can help a driver in preventing crashes while driving as it allows a driver to use the maximum braking capacity in emergency situations. Moreover, if the driver is not able to put a brake on time then AEB can independently put a brake in a car. There are three categories of AEB such as low-speed system, higher-speed system, and pedestrian system, that a driver can use in an emergency situation.

Auto Steering

Auto steering is another feature that is used in some cars and it plays a crucial role in preventing the collision of a car while driving. This feature allows a car driver to avoid a collision as it can take the steering wheel away from a driver in emergency situations.

It applies the breaks on a steering wheel while moving near a pedestrian or objects in the car’s path. The auto-steering feature mainly operates with an automatic emergency braking system.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane departure warning is helpful in preventing distracted driving errors as it alerts a driver in case he is distracted on his lane while driving his car. Sometimes, a driver gets distracted while looking at the radio or making some movement and it leads to the shifting of the car. A lane departure warning system makes use of cameras to acknowledge if a car is drifted from its lane and sends some notification signals to a driver.

Event Data Recording

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to prevent an accident especially when the other party is negligent while driving. Under such a case, it is important for a driver to recover his loss by proving the fault of the other party. Event Data Recording (EDR) is an excellent system that records vehicle patterns before and after a collision. It can be used as a tool by a car accident attorney to give results in favor of his client.

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