Common Myths About Online Poker

“You’ll never win at an online poker game.” 

Coming across a line or two like this is quite common among the groups of gambling buddies. Many of the online gambling myths have been so often repeated that people have started believing them. Hundreds of people get discouraged to play games like poker on trusted online gambling sites that are lucrative and engaging in the true sense. One of the many origins of these myths is the frustrated minds of players who searched for reasons to pin the blame of their defeat on.

5 Common Myths About Online Poker 

The most common myth covered in this section is that online poker sites cheat by determining which player will be playing with which cards in different instances. Many believe that online poker has been an unfair method of gambling since its inception on the internet. Even if these claims are made bizarrely, thousands of people still believe in them. 

1. Winning at Online Poker is Impossible 

Even today, many people think that winning by default is very difficult in any form of gambling. The probability of winning is low in online or offline games. Not everyone can win. This doesn’t mean that winning in online poker is impossible. If you consider the main objective of online poker, it only provides a little chance of winning. The aspect of rare victory makes the game even more interesting. Still, if you want to earn good money while gambling, you can choose to play low-risk games where the odds of winning are more.

2. Online Poker is a Big Scam 

Many people still hold the belief that online poker is nothing less than a scam. Almost every second player believes that their game was “rigged” or “fixed.” As the number of reasons for believing in such cases, it becomes impossible to determine the most valid explanation for the myth. These people might have heard it from their friends or peers, without verifying the statements. 

There have been some online poker websites that have been charged with duping their customers. After these incidences, the faith of the poker community has increased in their online gambling system because they know that the websites will be punished for any malpractice. 

3. Colluding Online is Easier 

Colluding means the act of two or three players playing together at a poker table. These competitors come together to gain an advantage over others. For this, they communicate with each other while playing. In online games, this becomes easier through phone calls or Skype calls. While talking, they let the other person know about the cards they have. With the newly received information, they make wise decisions for gaining a special advantage over other players. Online poker allows some room for colluding. But saying that it happens frequently is wrong. 

4. It is Impossible to Beat Rakes Online 

If you are an online poker player for a good amount of time, you might have surely heard this myth. Even if you talk with some online players, they will tell you the same thing. This myth has no proof to back it, yet many people believe religiously in it. Out of all the myths mentioned in this list, this one is the most dangerous because many players who have less confidence in their game will get emotional in the beginning and perform poorly. During the games, such players are sure to make irrational decisions based on their emotions. Only people who play more hands per hour, see bad beats in online poker games. 

5. Online Poker Allows Bad Players to Get Lucky 

This myth is closely associated with the previous myth. The main idea of this rumor is based on the assumption that poker websites have the power to decide which player gets which card at what time. People who observe online games and the algorithm of different online gambling sites will say that this myth is extremely false as the cards are dealt with sincerely. 

However, it must be noted that as a general rule, you will see more online players making bad decisions than they would normally do in a live environment. This is a good thing for the players because the bad choices of your opponent will indirectly help you in winning your poker games.


The key takeaway from this article is that you shouldn’t believe in every statement that you hear about online casino games. Apart from the ones mentioned in this article, there are many more that we haven’t debunked. Despite being untrue, these myths are widely believed by people of all ages in many countries around the world. Even if you lose some games, the best way to overcome your defeat is to find ways for improving instead of blaming the online gaming system for it. 

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