What is high-quality website traffic & more conversion rates?

Earlier in the article, I wrote about how to set up a money making machine. I know a website that has 7,000 unique visitors a day. This website has dedicated a part of its site to online sales of a series of products, but with this large number of visits, almost 10 of those visitors have started buying products on the other hand. People are shopping.

What is the difference? Why did this happen? (Incidentally, I also designed both of those websites myself.) The first website, from the first day it was designed, was not supposed to sell products at all, or there was no discussion of a store at all, but the second website used the art of turning visitors into customers. Part of this process is related to the design time and is related to the programmer and site designer, and a large part of it is related to the manager and owner of the website, who had this art well in the second website of the online store manager.

The art of turning a visitor into a customer: As mentioned, part of this art belongs to the designer and programmer of your website traffic packages and part to the webmaster. Here, because our audience is webmasters, not programmers and web designers; So, we avoid talking about what a programmer should do and what to consider in order to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers because an experienced programmer in the field of professional design of online stores knows what to do. How to monetize your site visitors, no matter where they are: be it a store, be a regular website, be a service website. The important point here is that we do not want to talk about increasing site traffic in this article, but we assume this. Your site has a lot of traffic and now we want to turn them into a customer or a source of revenue.

How to monetize our site visitors? The art of turning a visitor into a customer applies only when your site is an online store, and you offer products or services for sale. Did the visitor make money?

We must first discover the idea of making money from visitors, implement it on your website, and then work on how to persuade more visitors to buy or use non-free services. We call the process of persuading more users from all visitors to buy “increase conversion rates.”

Therefore, it is necessary to mention a definition of conversion rate increase: “Processes that cause more visitors to the site to convert to customers and make purchases from your site is called conversion rate increase. “Now, as the number of purchases increases relative to the number of visits, the conversion rate will also increase.”

Conversion rate, like website optimization, is a broad category called conversion rate optimization science. In other words, buy website traffic that converts & conversion rate can be equated to ROI or Return on Investment, which in the business world is known as the rate of return on investment.

One of the processes of earning money from the visitor after determining the idea and implementing it is trying to increase the conversion rate.

Earn money idea:

There are many ways and means: from placing banner and click ads on the site to directing users to other sites and receiving a percentage of them; But these methods are not very appealing and sometimes even reduce your credibility among users, some of which you may lose.

In the following, we will explain the different situations in detail, but before that, let us divide websites into three different types from three different perspectives in this article:

  1. There is a type of online store websites that intend to sell products, their purpose and product are clear.
  2. The second type is ordinary websites that have not had a sales section so far, they have nothing to sell but their number of visitors is high, and they like to earn money from these visitors. Now in different ways that we will examine in the following.
  3. The third type of websites is related to factories, production and service units, shops and various examples of such businesses that have a physical existence and also own a website. In such cases, users can be encouraged to use their services or products, which is also a great form of advertising for their business.

Therefore, the idea of earning money in this article is specific to the second type, which you will read in the description section related to the second type.

We will now explain these in detail. Our main focus is on the second type because the purpose of this article is related to the same type.

Type 1: If your website is in the category of online stores, the conversion of visitors into a source of revenue is automatically done on your site, because this is the nature of online stores, but you may have high traffic but your sales rate is low; Therefore, you should investigate the reasons for such a situation that you can refer to the link why in online stores, although we have high traffic but the sales rate is low, to investigate and eliminate the causes of such a situation.

Type 2: If you own a website that operates in a specific field and has a high traffic (you should not have any sales of products, otherwise you are in the category of online stores) you can use this opportunity to earn money directly and What indirectly apply.

What is meant by direct and indirect?

Suppose you have an educational website about entrance exam success, which sometimes publishes a series of articles to inspire the entrance exams, and your writings are well received, with an average of 1,000 daily visitors. Now, if you set up a section on your site called online consulting so that users have to pay a fee for consulting, then you have earned money directly from your visit. We will not go into details on what you should do to get more users to sign up for the consulting department and pay the fee. This was just an example.

Another way is to start a new online store site, for example, put in it a series of books and things that are needed for the miners, and then persuade users with marketing tricks and placing your store ad on that popular site. Who enter the store and buy? This method is considered indirect method.

You can even set up a section on your site called an online store and practically enter the field of online stores and try to increase your sales by following the principles and gaining knowledge in this field.

Depending on your creativity, you can discover direct or indirect ways to generate revenue.

A few ideas for those who own websites visited are:

  • Create a related product sales department (experience has proven to me that this method is extremely responsive)
  • Create a free consulting section related to your website.
  • Create an online training section in the specialized field of your website.
  • Sell content in the specialized field of your website. For example, your site is a specialized educational site in the field of composition. You can get a fee from users to access all the articles, which can be significant due to the large number of users earning this method.
  • Insert ads related to the subject of your website. There are many people who want to put their ads on your site and pay for it no matter what, you just have to show yourself to them. (Of course, the topic of advertising is very broad)
  • Advertise your business and yourself. A business that is physical and has nothing to do with your website. Please read the description of the third type websites at the bottom of this page.
  • Promotional posts or articles. Suppose you have a high-traffic skin and health website. Now, a cosmetics distribution company asks you to publish an advertising article among the contents of your site at certain intervals and name it this company; Of course, the cost of these ads that pay you depends on the popularity of your site.
  • Q&A forums related to your website that members have to pay to enter this section and ask Q&A.
  • Job search ads. Suppose your website is about medical equipment repair training and your visitors are mostly repairmen. Now a reputable company is planning to hire a professional for its repair department, so they offer you to put a link from the job advertisement on your site for a certain period of time with a specific fee that they will pay you, so that the company can reach its goal and Attract professional forces.
  • Selling or renting pages. I recently designed a website whose owner rented some of its pages, and it happened to be very well received. The website was in the field of marketing, and after a number of marketing consultants became famous, they rented some pages of this site to put their ads and resumes in it, and of course, this will be very useful for them because the effort to increase traffic. And they did not have such problems anymore.
  • Holding conferences, classes or workshops. For example, your website is in the field of psychology, put an ad at the top of the site and write in it that holding workshops to increase self-confidence. If you set a tuition fee of 50 doller for each person, for example, if 30 people attend these classes and these classes are held several times a week, it can be a significant income.
  • And many other ideas that are not mentioned in this article …

Remember not to limit yourself to these things that I have mentioned to the humble servant, and also remember that there are 1000 ideas and ways of earning money through the Internet for every person in the world. Your task is to find one of these 1000 ways that are relevant and specific to you with a lot of thought and thought.

Now suppose you find the idea, either directly or indirectly. Now the topic of increasing the conversion rate will come up (if you do not know what the conversion rate is, please go back to the top of this page and read the article again) and you should make a little effort in this regard to increase this rate and increase revenue. Wash.

Trying to increase your conversion rate is tantamount to trying to make more money: If you came up with an idea, got it implemented, implemented it, and your website started making money (or even if you didn’t get results and didn’t make any money at all) Now enter the discussion of increasing the conversion rate. Please read the article on increasing the conversion rate in online stores to study the ways to increase this rate.

The third type: I will explain the third type with an example. I remember a few years ago when I was working for a company and I designed a website for a furniture manufacturing unit. After a while, they opened a department store on one of the busiest streets. The owner of this production had a child who sometimes posted a series of interesting and useful articles about home decoration on their site. One day when I checked the site statistics, I saw that it has about 3,000 unique visitors and 5,000 total views daily. We immediately contacted the owner of the product for which I had previously designed the website, and he said that his son posted new content on the site every day (for three years, of course), and I suggested that the number of site visitors could be increased. Selling furniture in your store helped. I remember exactly that he asked in surprise, is such a thing possible? They did not even know about it.

Anyway, I started making a series of changes to the website and did the process for them, which I will explain to you later on what I did on the site. It has exactly doubled, and many customers have said that we have found your address through your website and now we are going to buy from your store.

Here are some of the things I did on the furniture site:

  • Add a newsletter section to a section of the site that was in front of the user on all pages. In this way, many users became members of the newsletter, and we could send them newsletters containing advertisements for the latest furniture in the future.
  • Add quality and accurate images of all furniture, whether new or old, on the website.
  • Add detailed descriptions of all sofas on the website.
  • Add a very nice and attractive ad at the top of the site to start a great sale.
  • Create a lottery section on the website that gives winners an 80% discount on furniture purchases.
  • Create a special discount section for those who are members of the site.
  • Set up a Q&A section so that users could ask questions about furniture. Of course, the response to users on the website by the staff of that furniture store was excellent.  (Their cooperation was very good, and they saw the result of this growth in their collection, everyone was happy and satisfied that this satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to extraordinary growth and progress)
  • Design an incredibly attractive landing page.
  • Launching a section called replacing old furniture with new one. In this section, the user would send pictures of the furniture through the website, and the store manager would announce the replacement cost to them, which would definitely lead to the purchase due to the seller’s experience in attracting customers and marketing.
  • Launching a section entitled Advice for arranging home decoration and furniture on the website.
  • Creating situations where the user, after reading an article on that website, is directed to the advertisement page of the sofas, in which I also placed the image of some very beautiful sofas at a very low price. This made the user still visit their store, even if it is far from the store of this product. This was mentioned by many customers in the store who are from other cities and have decided to go to the store to buy through the website after seeing the pictures and prices of the furniture.

The above can be different for other businesses and products. For example, if his store was selling digital products, I would also launch a video-based product introduction section.

So, in this type of websites (type 3) where the website owner such as Targetedwebtraffic.com already has a physical location, whether large, small production units or small business units such as shops, etc., when their site gets a high traffic, it can go up from this visit. Benefit from boosting and increasing sales of their collection and business, which can range from a factory to a small shop. In these types of websites, it is recommended to leave this task to an expert in this field, but in the first and second types, the webmaster can achieve the goal of earning money through the visitor without the help of others.

I hope this article has been useful for you. You also share your views and experiences with us.

Be victorious and proud.

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