A Complete Guide on Selecting the Right Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

The right choice of a fiber enclosure is necessary for ensuring the protection and organization of fibers in different fiber optic cables. It is a necessary thing to use at data centers and server rooms where there are complex connections of fiber cables or other components.

Depending on the requirements, a choice for the right rack mount fiber enclosure must be made by any organization. With the help of a fiber enclosure, it is possible to improve network performance, boost working efficiency, and reduce expenditure.

In this guide, we have mentioned different types and designs of a rack mount fiber enclosure to help in choosing the right one. Read more on this below.

Different Types and Designs of Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure

Rack mount fiber enclosures come in different designs and types. They help to provide a convenient termination point and they provide full protection to fiber optic cables.


Different configurations of the rack mount fiber enclosure are available for 19-inch rack mounting. One can choose out of 1RU, 2RU, or 4RU configurations. After considering the requirements, an organization can choose a suitable size of rack-mount enclosure configuration.

Types of Rack Mount Enclosures

There are three types of rack mount enclosures available out of which one can make a suitable choice. Fiber enclosure with a removable lid, swing-out type enclosure, and slide-out fiber enclosure, are the options available in this context. Slide-out type and swing-out type are easy to install and maintain in comparison to the cover removable type enclosure.

Designs of Enclosures 

If we talk about the design of the fiber enclosure then one can choose from a fixed front panel or a removable front panel. In the fixed front panel, it is possible to load suitable fiber optic adapters. Whereas the removable front panel can be loaded with many fiber optic adapter panels or cassettes.

Making the Right Choice

Now, you have gained the right information about the types and designs of rack mount fiber enclosures. It is now easy to choose a suitable one for a data center. A few points must be considered on this subject.

Physical Requirements

It is a must to determine the physical requirements of the enclosure and measurements. It is advised to go for a bigger size fiber enclosure to enclose all equipment by keeping in mind future growth.

Sufficient Points for Connections 

There must be sufficient access points in a fiber rack mount enclosure so that one could install fine optic cables, and other devices such as hubs, patch panels, routers, and monitors.


A data center must consider its budget when choosing a fiber rack mount enclosure. It is important to choose a premium rack mount enclosure by keeping in mind future needs.

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