The New Swedish Casino Market

The overall gross revenue of the Swedish gambling industry, Spelinspektionen was SEK 24,8 billion in 2019. The overall gross revenue in 2018 was $23.4 billion. The sole reason for this increase in revenue was the law passed in 2019. The new Swedish casino market is welcoming players with open arms and making sure that gambling is the perfect experience for all those who are interested in it.

The New Casino Regulation

The new Casino regulation is one of the best things that has happened in the world lately, at least for casinos without a Swedish license or as they like to say ‘casino utan svensk licens’. The new regulation stresses customer security strongly, and operators bear a significant share of the responsibility for ensuring compliance. “There must be better consumer protection in place for gambling,” according to the Government. The new casino regulation is different from other laws because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Protection
  • Marketing under scrutiny.
  • Advertising might be an issue


Licensed operators must have a broad obligation to protect players from excessive gambling. Another advantage of playing at an unlicensed casino, you will always be protected, and thus losing your funds in fraud is less possible.

Marketing under scrutiny

Marketing gambling would be subject to strict moderation criteria.

Advertising might be an issue

It would be illegal to encourage gambling without a license, such as by advertising. Not having a Swedish license is alright till the time the establishment has a gambling license from somewhere else like Curacao or Malta Gaming Authority.

Pros and cons with the regulation

There is a long list of pros when it comes to unlicensed casinos in Sweden. All these reasons would make you want to play at casinos without a license, though do not get confused ‘unlicensed’ doesn’t mean any license. Such websites have a gambling license from MGA or Curacao and it is perfectly legal to play here. But just like a coin playing at unlicensed casinos is also a two-sided game. It has its advantages and it has its own disadvantages too. Let’s focus on the positives first and talk about the advantages of playing at a casino with a Swedish license.

  • Helping nation
  • Faster, smoother experience
  • Great jackpot bonuses

Helping nation

Unlicensed casinos are better run websites that make Sweden improve its digital presence and progress in today’s globe.

Faster, smoother experience

These casinos without a license often accept cryptocurrencies and otherwise also don’t take what-feels-like-years long time for simple transactions and make the gambling more elegant.

Great jackpot bonuses

Unlicensed casinos are big on offering great deals and different types of bonuses to their customers. For instance, there are casinos that offer double prizes and weekly bonuses. How great is that!

Not to spoil your happy party, but be realistic and discuss the disadvantages of playing a casino without a license too.

  • No player protection
  • The government gets no profit

No player protection

Casinos without a Swedish license will not be responsible or even helpful if you lose your funds in theft or fraud. It is an alluring offer but definitely a risky one!

The government gets no profit

Unlicensed casinos do not offer the government even the slice of cake they enjoy themselves. Sweden’s government does not benefit from the profit that unlicensed casinos make. Seems a little unpatriotic, doesn’t it?

The rise of unlicensed casinos

There has been an uproar in the gambling market ever since the 2019 gambling law has been passed in Sweden. More than 30% population is searching for ‘unlicensed casinos’ are the latest reports and it is definitely a happy hour. Unlicensed casinos are changing the game of online gambling by finally letting people enjoy the game. It is bound to grow more, unlicensed casinos in Sweden are the future of gambling.


The Swedish online gaming market’s opening represents a significant opportunity for both domestic and foreign operators. Gambling is not only growing in the country, but they also have a well-developed digital infrastructure that is constantly evolving.

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