Why do Europeans Prefer Unlicensed Casinos?

With the heavy regulations on the casino market that restrict players’ freedom and hinder unlimited funds fun, the European populations seem to be diverting towards the unregulated casino market. Unlicensed casinos mean casinos without a license of the country you are running in. If you cannot understand why people choose unlicensed casinos to play at, this article is the help you need. Unlicensed casinos sound fun, but one should always be very alert and aware of the sites they are playing at.

What is an “unlicensed” casino?

‘Unlicensed’ casinos do not mean that they do not have any license. It simply means that these online casinos do not have the license of the particular country they are currently running in. Such casinos have a gambling license from other authorities like Curacao or MGA. E.g., an online casino running in Sweden without a Swedish license would be called an unlicensed casino there. It is legal to play in casinos without a license as they exist on the Internet, and the Internet is not a market that can be regulated. You can enjoy a great game at such casinos without worrying about your deposit limit and any check or surveillance.

Reasons why Europeans prefer casinos without a license

Casinos without a license offer so much more than the regulated casinos, which is the more tempting reason for its rise. Europeans prefer unregulated casinos as there are a few pros to them. These online casinos offer you better bonuses and bumper rewards that are wonderfully lucrative. It is super easy to become a member, and not all online casinos ask you to become a member to play at them. The user interface of such an unlicensed casino is attractive and easy to use. In Sweden, according to the regulations, unlicensed casinos cannot advertise to lure Swedish customers, but it is perfectly legal for Sweden players to play at these unlicensed casinos. Many Swedish players prefer playing at unregulated casinos because they have to play within a deposit limit at casinos with a license. The amount of profit they might make at unlicensed casinos with all the bonuses and rewards is higher than that of licensed casinos. Similar regulations will be enforced on the German casino market in the coming July. The German casino market will also experience a surge in their unlicensed casino sector, just as we saw it happen with Sweden. Though the government is not a fan of such activities, it is not legal for unlicensed casinos to lure the players by advertising.

Is it illegal to play at unlicensed casinos?

A very comforting, no! No, it is not illegal to play at an unlicensed casino. It never was. The only regulations that exist are on the market. Since these casinos without a license are present on the Internet, players can enjoy the immaculate experience of gambling without being declared a criminal. E.g., Germany is about to regulate the casino market in the coming month of July. There would be heavy restrictions like a deposit limit and only one spin in 5 minutes, so, naturally, gamblers will look for something freer. That would increase the traffic of unlicensed casinos. Players can enjoy their game and have fun in casinos without a license as it is on the Internet and is legal. Reading all the terms and conditions and playing online with alertness is something we would always recommend.


Europeans shift their load from regulated casinos to unlicensed online casinos for better bonuses and perks of playing in big numbers. These casinos offer much more than regular casinos, but one should always be careful while selecting an online casino to play at. Unregulated casinos have risen suddenly and seem to be something that no government is proud of. So it is very important to choose an online casino without a license critically. Such online casinos that give an immaculate and world-class gambling experience can be found easily at websites like casinoswithoutlicense.com, giving all the needed information and much more about unregulated casinos present online.

Keep reading for more information regarding online casinos without a license and share your experience with us if you have been playing at such casinos.

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