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If you think you deserve some fun, head over to a Grupo Firme tour this season! We bet you haven’t experienced anything like it before and you’re going to love it! Grupo Firme is a group of six fun-filled men who adore music and love to show it to the world.

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Formed in 2013, Grupo Firme is a group from Tijuana, Mexico led by vocalist Eduin Caz. The group members’ originality, determination, hard work, and ever-growing fan base took them to the mainstream music industry in 2017. Some of Grupo Firme’s first acts were caught on cell phones, which spread and became viral, helping their fanbase grow over the internet.

Today, Grupo Firme has millions of followers, more than 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, 3 million Facebook fans, and more than 2.2 Instagram. Their YouTube video uploads have reached more than a billion views.

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When it comes to concerts and shows, the group has performed in several sold-out arenas. Overall, they have a successful career in the United States and excel as one of the best Bando groups.

What makes the group special is that they express enthusiasm, charisma, talent, and joy whenever and wherever they perform. If you have been to a Grupo Firme concert, you know well that every show goes on like a great party with excellent audio, sufficient lighting, and sophisticated pyrotechnics.

Grupo Firme collaborated with several artists in the past including Marca MP, Max Peraza, Lenin Ramirez, Banda Coloso, Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaki,” Luis Angel “El Flaco,” La MaquinariaNortena, Caliber 50, Enigma Norteno, and Horacio Palencia, among others.

They received awards and nominations in 2020 for Spotify Awards for Regional Mexican Artist with the Highest Increase in Reproductions, Premio Juventud for New Regional Mexican Generation, Spotify Awards for Song of Chilling Sundays, Premio Juventud for Spicy Regional Songs, and more. They also won the Premios de la Radio for From the Internet to the Radio and Premios de la Radio for Norteño Song of the Year in 2019.

Grupo Firme gained recognition when the CEO of Indie Regional Mexican Music Label Music VIP, Israel Gutierrez, noticed them. The group excelled on local levels, but it wasn’t until then that they gained mainstream success.

Grupo Firme is a Banda artist, but do not mistake them for just any Banda artist as they are unique! A typical Banda group usually has sixteen musicians, but Grupo Firme has only six yet dynamic ones. Their fresh talent and unique style put the group on the map.

The group uploaded “El Amor No Fue Pa’ Mi,” which was Caliber 50’s song on YouTube, and it became a hit, earning almost 200 million views. However, it wasn’t their intention to make it famous. In fact, it is quite an informal rendition of the song, which they recorded during a gathering. The song aired on radio and reached number 17 on the Billboard chart of Regional Mexican Airplay in 2019.

Grupo Firme gained a huge fanbase with millions of subscribers on social media platforms and reached new heights. Thanks to their collaborations with regional Mexican acts. Although collaboration with other artists is seen as a common strategy for artists of the Reggaeton genre, it isn’t very prominent with regional Mexican.

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The Mexican group has so far landed six singles on the Hot Latin chart. They featured Lenin Ramirez’s song called “Ya No VuelvoContigo,” on the first Top 10. It was tagged the regional Mexican song of the year 2018. The collaboration of Ramirez and Grupo Firme is an example of what wonderful things can happen when regional Mexican labels team-up.

The coming together of Afinarte Music, Logos Music, Rancho Humilde, and the former two labels are overcoming obstacles in the genre. And they give their success credits to streaming platforms and social media rather than television or radio. Check out Grupo Firme tickets today to find out the nearest places you can go to see their concerts!

Some of Grupo Firme’s collaborations that topped the charts include their work on “El Guero” with Marca MP, “CadaVezTeExtrano Mas” with El Yaki, and “EL Toxico” with Carin Leon. After releasing several singles, the group finally released their first album in December, called Nos DivertimosLogrando Lo Imposible, meaning We Have Fun Doing the Impossible.

It includes songs written by some well-known and much-celebrated regional Mexican lyricists like Horacio Palencia, Raul Quintero, Munoz, Eladio Flores, Luciano Luna, And Omar Tarazon.

Grupo Firme is popular for its lively performances, and they are about to set foot on the stage again this year. The group will soon embark on their US tour, which will start soon this summer.

You can buy Grupo Firme tickets to watch them perform live in cities like El Paso, TX; Hidalgo, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Ontario, CA; Rosemont, IL; and many others. It would be a great chance to witness firsthand why the group is so popular and why people all over the world adore them!

They are romantic, playful, and perform like a group of fun-filled guys having a good time at a party. Who wouldn’t want to be in a concert like that! It is evident that the group loves music, particularly Regional Mexican Music, and they make everyone who listens to them love it too.

Take the opportunity to get to know what Grupo Firme is all about at their upcoming concerts! Even if you might not know them yet, you would love to be in one of their concerts and have the best party-like time of your life! Get your favorite Grupo Firme tickets now before someone else gets them!

Grupo Firme Ticket Prices &Tour Information

Will Grupo Firme Tour?

Grupo Firme announced their tour dates, and it is confirmed that they will tour in 2021. You can be a part of it by securing your ticket to any Grupo Firme tour event from us. We also have all information regarding the upcoming Grupo Firme tour if you want to look!

How to Buy CheapGrupo Firme Tickets?

The best place you can go to buy cheap Grupo Firme tickets is the sites we’ve mentioned here. You can now attend your favorite Grupo Firme shows without having to spend a lot. Find the wide range of prices for all upcoming concerts conveniently through us. You might not find a better place elsewhere!

How much are Grupo Firme Tickets? 

We have tickets to suit your budget, no matter how much you’re planning to spend on a Grupo Firme concert. Currently, the Grupo Firme ticket prices range from $93 and above, while the average price is $177. It can vary depending on the city, so head to our given sites to find out all ticket information for a Grupo Firme concert.

Where Can I See Grupo Firme in Concert?

As Grupo Firme is set to perform in various cities across the US, there are a lot of places you can go to watch their performance live. Head to San Antonio, TX; Springdale, AR; Belton, SC; Newburgh, NY, Hamilton, OH, Maplewood, IN, and Sweetwater, TN, for the nearest upcoming Grupo Firme concerts.

When Do Grupo Firme Tickets Go on Sale?

Grupo Firme tickets are on sale at our mentioned sites. So hurry up and grab the best deals before anyone else gets them! You can now buy affordable tickets to see your favorite group live. Make sure to buy your tickets from us if you want to enjoy the best prices.

Who is the Opening Act for Grupo Firme?

Grupo Firme is full of surprises and fun! It isn’t shocking that they haven’t announced their opening acts yet, as we are sure they are planning something big! Be there to witness it firsthand when you attend one of their tour concerts this time! We bet you would love every bit of the event!

How Long is a Grupo Firme Concert?

The concert can last for two to three hours, depending on the opening acts, artists, encore, and other factors. However, their past concerts lasted for an average of 1.25 hours. It might feel much shorter than that as their concerts are always purely indulging and fun-filled.

Is Grupo Firme touring? 

Grupo Firme is currently on tour, and they have several upcoming concerts which you can get the chance to see. If you want to learn more about the tour, you can check out the details on our given websites, from which you can also buy the tickets for the same.

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