Top 20 Mobile Game Engines, Tools & Development Platforms 2021

Most game developers know that mobile gaming is the future. Everyone can access the mobile game whenever they want. We have hundreds of examples of mobile games leading in the gaming industry. If you are an aspiring game developer, it is essential to know about mobile game engines to design better games and ASO mobile. We have crafted a list of the top 20 mobile game engines and ASO tools to help you get the best development platform according to your needs.


It is the most used platform for mobile game development. Almost half-game developers use this platform because of cross-platform compatibility. You can design characters and movements in unity and transfer them to other software to improve their results. It is easy to acquire software because of the highly supportive sales and technical team.

Unreal engine

If you are a beginner game developer, you should use the Unreal engine. It is an excellent platform for beginners because there is no need to make any payment at the start. You can design detailed characters on this platform because it has specialized 3D tools for character development. You will find a library of millions of objects and movements to ensure you complete the task before the deadline.

Cry engine

It is also a free tool for beginners. If your annual revenue from the game exceeds $5000, you may have to pay 5% to the developer’s platform. This platform is excellent for creating detailed environments. You can make vegetation-rich open-world games using this platform. If an artist wants to work on a game, this tool is an excellent choice.

Corona SDK

If you have time to learn only one language and develop a 2D game for mobile, it is a perfect platform for you. It uses only one programming language to handle all the tasks. Many popular games developers use this platform because the community has developed many ASO tools to help game developers make the best 2D games.

Lumberyard by Amazon

It is a game development platform designed by Amazon. It is a free tool as you can use this source code also and modify the platform according to your needs. You have to know the C++ language to run this tool. It is also a cross-platform tool. You can design your project partially on this platform and transfer it to another platform to use specific other ASO tools.


It is free to use ASO mobile tool launched by Facebook. If you want to make a small game for mobile, it is a perfect tool. The platform is easy to understand. If you have a problem finding technical support, you can contact the Facebook community. The community will answer all your queries faster than the customer support team.


If you are working for iOS app development, nothing works like this platform. As the Apple company has designed this platform and IOS Store, we can be sure that both will work together perfectly. There is no need to download specialized ASO mobile tools to convert your game to iOS devices. Once you finalize the project, it will run perfectly on all Apple devices.


It is free to use for small projects. There is no need to learn any coding to use this platform for mobile game development. It has a library of many different aspects of mobile gaming. You can drag and drop the function using your mouse. All the aspects will install to the character without any hustle.


You may have to pay almost $200 if you want to start a big game project. For small projects, it is free of cost. It uses JavaScript for programming. As it is one of the most commonly used programming languages, most game developers will create games using this platform.

Construct 3

You can use this platform for free when you want to check the limited functionality. If you want all the functions of the ASO tool, you need to pay 5.19 dollars. It is excellent for beginners because you can design the event prototypes and test them on the platform.

GameMaker Studio 2

It is an easy plug-and-play game development platform for beginners. You can start by using the 30 days free trial period. It is excellent for all types of 2D games because it supports many game genres.


It is open-source software as you can use the software code to develop games with ease. If you need technical support, you may have to pay thousands of dollars to the platform developers. It uses many programming languages for game development.


It is also free to use this open-source game development platform. It allows you to do the ASO mobile with ease. It supports the cross-platform transfer. You can develop half of your 2D game on this platform and transfer it to other platforms using specialized tools.


You can use this platform to develop games for many platforms like iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use because it uses a specified game development language. You can also rely on the game library tool to extend the functionality of this platform.


It is a lightweight platform to install on many operating systems. It is excellent for making 2D and 3D games. You can also install it on Windows to develop mobile games. It is available in many languages other than English.


It is perfect for 2D and 3D games as you can make a virtual system on your device to test the games. Even if you are developing a mobile game, you can use Windows virtual system to test the game using this platform.

Clickteam fusion 2.5

It is an excellent platform to create prototype games. You can develop games with it because it has many tutorials. It is free to use if you are comfortable with limited software as it is essential to pay the platform developers to get the full version.

App Game Kit

It is a paid gaming app development tool. You have to pay 49.99 dollars for an initial license. It helps you develop games that work on different mobile devices with perfect compatibility.

Defold Game engine

If you are looking for an efficient option for game development, you should look no further than this platform because it uses advanced technology to help you test the games. You can use all the functions on this platform because it is 100% free to use.

Starling framework

It is a lightweight game development tool for mobiles. It integrates with different types of GPU as you can use all the resources of the GPU to get faster game development results. You can use multiple screen displays for the game development in this tool. It is also free to use.

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