How to do Giveaway on Instagram: Tips and Tricks

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has over 800 million monthly active users and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

If you are looking for a way to increase your business’s visibility on Instagram, then running an Instagram giveaway might be just what you need!

This blog post will give you tips on how to do giveaways on Instagram, including how to choose a winner and how to promote your giveaway.

It also includes links for some great apps that can help make running an Instagram Giveaway even easier!

Benefits of doing an Instagram Giveaway:

  1. Increase your business’ visibility on Instagram.
  2. Instagram giveaways are budget-friendly. You can choose how many prizes and how much money you are willing to spend.
  3. Target different types of followers and potential customers with giveaways, making it easier for them to interact with you.
  4. Existing followers are engaged, resulting in an emotional connection.
  5. Reach out to new potential followers.
  6. Create buzz around your upcoming products or launches.

How to Run an Instagram Giveaway

Choose a prize relevant to your audience

The award is one of the most important factors in achieving good results for your giveaway. It’s significant to make sure your prize is relevant and aligned with your audience so they will be more likely interested in participating!

Some fun options for prizes include gift cards, free product or service credits, discounts on products & services, coupons codes for future use, or the chance to create a custom product.

Select an Instagram contest app

Running an Instagram Giveaway can be really easy when using the right tools. There are many different social media giveaway apps out there that can help make running an Instagram contest even more efficient.

Socialman giveaway app is an online platform that allows you to run contests on Instagram, is perfect for beginners who want to gain the advantages of running a giveaway without worrying about details.

It offers many features such as no limits regarding the number of giveaways, actions, or participants, integration with your email marketing software, easy setup, and more!

Set the entry criteria for the giveaway

It’s crucial to decide what actions you want people to take in exchange for participation. Entry may vary depending on the goal you aim for.

When you want to drive traffic to Instagram followers, picking the right criteria may make all the difference for the results of your giveaway.

Pick a hashtag for your contest

It will allow you to find posts related to your contest by hashtag. Make sure that the hashtags are original so they only show pictures from people actually in the competition.

You want to make sure that the hashtags you use don’t redirect users to irrelevant or negative content.

Promote your giveaway

The more people know about your contest, the better your chances for success are. It’s important to promote as much as you can, but don’t overdo it!

Cross-promotion is a great way to make your Instagram posts more visible among followers of other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. After posting an IG giveaway, remind followers on those networks that you’re running it by mentioning the details in tweets or status updates.


In this blog post, we’ve given you a few tips to help you run successful giveaways on Instagram. We hope that these will make it easier for you to not only grow your following but also get some sales and new customers in the process!

If you need an easy way to host a giveaway without having to manually keep track of entries yourself, check out Socialman for their free trial version which offers unlimited giveaways. We hope these tips help you grow your follower base while making more sales or increasing brand awareness!

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