How To Avoid Blocking On Reddit

Reddit is a social platform with strict rules. Authors publish thousands of new posts and comments every day. Some of them are blocked by moderators for violating community rules. Often accounts are blocked because of links and other advertising in publications. Direct advertising in Reddit communities is prohibited. But you can get around this restriction if you have a highly rated account. You must also adhere to community rules to avoid getting your account blocked.

Why Moderators Block On Reddit

There are several main reasons for a ban on Reddit:

  • The account is registered to a user who is under the age of 13;
  • The user’s comments or new discussion contain a third-party link or direct advertising;
  • The user’s posts or discussions contain illegal information (e.g., pornographic material or encouragement to use drugs);
  • The user is trying to artificially raise his/her rating or increase the number of Upvotes;
  • The user has several duplicate accounts.

Many users are interested in advertising on Reddit, as the audience of this social platform exceeds 400 million people. In fact, it is possible to post guest links to useful advertising material. For example, to advertise some service, service or useful product. But there are a few rules to help you avoid being banned. 

First, you should only post promotional links or appeals from an active account. Moderators are loyal to accounts that are more than 1-2 years old. If you have just created an account, you will have to spend some time on getting Upvotes and gaining a good reputation among other users. However, you can use a special service to buy reddit upvotes or improve the rating of your existing profile. 

Second, you have to make the ads interesting and useful. Try writing an interesting story and integrating a mention of this or that brand into the story. You can also write instructions and mention this or that service or product as an example. 


If your account has been banned in any way, you can send a private message to the Reddit administrators asking for ways to dodge your ban on the platform. 

Go to the Reddit website, then select the “Account Help” option from the drop-down menu under “Subject,” and then create a message script inside the text box under “Message.”  You can write to them and ask about the type and duration of your ban on the platform, and ask them to restore your account to its original state.

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