Magento SEO – the ultimate guide

If you are planning to create a commercial website or already own one, then you probably understand the importance of being in the leading positions in the search results. Without considering this important condition, your website risks losing a significant number of visitors and customers, which will negatively affect the revenue side of the entire project. It is to address these issues that SEO exists.

What is SEO promotion for?

Website promotion can be started immediately after its creation. Some people don’t understand what SEO is for? But without it, it will be difficult for your potential clients to find out about the existence of your project on the Internet.

Sure thing, it is possible to advertise your product via social networks, regular or contextual advertising, but these methods have significant drawbacks – regular advertising is too ineffective, while contextual advertising shows certain results, but is quite an expensive pleasure. 

The most optimal way to attract users will be traffic from search engines. Thanks to competent SEO promotion, the target audience will get to your site, which deliberately chose your resource to search for the necessary product or service. All that remains to be done is to ensure that the user’s request is consistent with the content of the website.

The task of a competent SEO in Magento specialist is to carry out high-quality optimization of the resource in order to increase the position of the website in the search results. After all, if your site is on the far search pages for key queries, then it will be difficult for customers to find your web resource to make a purchase.

SEO optimization is essential in order for your website to meet the maximum degree of trust from search engines. Thanks to this, you have an opportunity to bring your site to the TOP position in the search results without spending huge amounts of money on contextual advertising. Properly carried out SEO optimization will ensure a steady growth in the flow of website visitors, which will result in an increase in the growth of orders and sales profit. Thus, do not underestimate SEO promotion, contact competent specialists and they will help bring your site to a leading position, regardless of its specifics and business area.

Magento SEO features

One of the most versatile and powerful systems for e-commerce stores is SEO on Magento. This platform has a number of unique features in the form of:

  • open source;
  • absolutely flexible settings;
  • stable high speed of work;
  • it is highly SEO friendly.

At the same time, the functional features of Magento SEO have no analogs among other platforms on which the resource can run. Magento offers a great symbiosis of a built-in set of search engine optimization functions and unprecedented customization flexibility.

Moreover, SEO for Magento offers its users a wide range of different extensions that can help them achieve leading positions in search engines.

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