HHC Is The New Magical Cannabinoid

Cannabinoids are in the market and people are going crazy with them. There are several types of cannabinoids available in the market. But the newest one is HHC. HHC is available in HHC Vape Cartridges and HHC disposable vapes. A popular company has released an amazing line of HHC vapes that are being talked about across the globe. There are discussions going on about the popularity of these vapes.

Available Cannabinoids

This is one of the best times for cannabinoid discoveries. There are several options to choose from. All the options are quite potent and consumers are loving them. For Hemp Lovers there are plenty of options to choose from. There are many hemp compounds that are amazing. Cannabidiol or CBD is well known.

Now the focus is shifting from CBD to other compounds like HHC, which has led to many people wondering what is HHC. Cannabigerol a.k.a CBG is another compound that is loved by the users. There are some other cannabinoids in our routine use such as Delta-8 THC products, THCV products, Delta-10 THC products and also THC-O-Acetate products. With these available products in the market, HHC is seen as the one which can be a game changer. It brings a new experience in which cannabinoids interact with the body.

Process Of Making HHC

The complete name of HHC is hexahydro cannabinoid. It is a Hydrogenated version of cannabinoid. It is achieved using a specially built process. HHC doesn’t naturally occur. It has to be processed and made. Under a controlled environment a small amount of Hydrogen is introduced to the certain cannabinoid. In this combination a catalyst is introduced to ensure that the chemical reaction becomes fast. The catalyst used in this case is nickel which changes the cannabinoid at a molecular level.

Effects Of HHC

The chemical change is responsible for generating some properties that aren’t there in the natural form of cannabinoid. HHC makers claim to have a lot of benefits. HHC can give a strong mind and body experience. It can make the consumer chilled, relaxed, happy, relieved and can give anxiolytic properties.

The reason behind terming HHC as a game changer is that the cannabinoids are readily available in natural form. The downside of consuming cannabinoids directly is that their benefits aren’t completely absorbed by the body. But HHC ensures that the body gets full benefit of the cannabinoid. Research has also found that HHC more effectively kills cancer cells than the other cannabinoids.

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