Ultralight Packing Is The Basic Requirement Of A Joyful Hike

Heavy pack on a lengthy hike can become a burden quickly. The trek then becomes absolutely burdensome. The packing if not done right is an absolute joy killer in a trek. The trek to be enjoyable packing has to be ultralight always. Here is how you can make sure you travel through cities, states, and even entire countries easily with the right kind of packing by your side.

Learn To Pack Ultralight

Weigh the weight you are going to carry and understand the ‘real’ stuff you will be needing. It won’t help if you just cut a toothbrush into half to make sure you don’t carry ‘extra grams’. These are ridiculous forms of traveling ultralight. You have to equip yourself with the correct amount of clothing, gear, food and water. Focus on the heavier, bulkier items in your pack – the tent, sleep system that includes the sleeping bag and pad, shoes, and backpack. For better help, check the ultralight backpacking gear list.

Only Pack The Essentials

It is important to mull over your packing list carefully. People carry their complete house for all their moods during the trek but that isn’t how the packing works. Double see all items and think whether you are really going to require them and is it worth all the weight that will only spoil your trek. You can actually remind yourself of the actual things you needed when you were out for a 2-3 days trip. Make a list of those essentials and multiply them according to the days of the trek.

What Are You Actually Packing?

Remember it is never how much you have packed rather what you are packing and where you are going. That will answer so many questions for you. You can choose the correct gear depending on the location of the trek and the weather conditions there. For instance if you plan to go to the desert area of the Pacific crest trail then you will require reflective umbrellas to make sure the sun is off your shoulders. Whereas if you are going to the Appalachian Trail then the umbrella is just dead weight to you.

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