Cocktail Dresses Can Be Worn At Formal Occasions. Here is How!

In formal evening events it is expected the guests arrive in black tie attire. It is a formal affair thus people choose to wear ball gown wedding dresses, suits or tuxedos. You need not choose the same attire every time though. There are ways you can choose to look different among others.

Cocktail Dresses

A formal cocktail dress which is elegant and not too short can beautifully work for a black tie wedding. Try out a silhouette that looks good on you and makes you comfortable. It is going to be a long event. Anything that is not tiring and provides comfort should be your first choice. Choose a dress you can walk in. Sometimes a long ball gown wedding dress grazes the ground making it difficult for you to walk plus looks unfit. Choose a comfortable length and fit so that you don’t end up stepping on the fabric and tripping.

Styling A Cocktail Dress

If you are a Bridesmaid who is looking to wear a cocktail dress as the bridesmaid dress for the black-tie wedding then choose one that is formal and not above the knee. A modest hemline and neckline is expected as the event is formal. None will appreciate the skin show so better keep the option away. Rather opt for sophisticated cocktail dresses made from rich fabric and fine details and accessories with elegant jewellery.

Pair the cocktail dress with heels and a clutch to make it a complete formal affair. Diamonds or pearls are great for a formal occasion. If the bridesmaid dresses you have selected is in muted colors then you can choose bold statement jewellery to go with it. Make sure in no way you try to upstage the bride either by putting on too much skin show or styling. Dress in something that will make you look good and stylish without it hurting anyone. You can always run the dress of your choice with the bride or the other bridesmaids.

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