What Are Two Way Radios? – Everything You Need To Know!

Two way radios are a successful form of communication that can be used in many different industries, they are especially popular on University campuses, at outside events and for those working near water, like lifeguards. Two way radios work with radio waves and enable teams to cast messages out fast and efficiently, with battery and signal problems. The radio units act as audio transceivers and transmitters and are used for voice communication. Two way radios are also known as walkie-talkies, they are exactly the same thing. 

What are the advantages of two way radios? 

Two way radios have great coverage enabling those who work outside on events to stay in contact with one another, no matter how far apart they are standing. They are also durable meaning they last for years without breaking, unlike mobile phones. If they’re dropped by accidently they won’t break, this is beneficial if you’re working in certain weather conditions or working in a place where there might be accidents. They’re also waterproof and dustproof, this means they can be used at sea or by lifeguards who are near water. 

There are a range of different two way radios out there and some brands have different features and options included. Look out for the two way radios that can with cases and chargers. The battery life is usually a few days on these radios, this is especially advantageous for events that go on for long periods of time. They are also simple to use, anyone can pick up a two way radio and work out how to cast a message, there is only one main button to click. 

Things to remember when using a two way radio 

If you have never used a two way radio before there are some things you should remember. Make sure your voice is loud and clear when you are speaking, but don’t shout, just keep a normal tone. It’s best to speak a little slower than normal to make sure you don’t need to repeat the message again and waste time. Be precise and get to the point nicely without rambling on, people are likely to miss important instructions if you start to bore them. It’s best to send out short, simple messages on two way radios. 

The etiquette for using two way radios is important to remember if you want to use them properly and get the best results. You should never interrupt others when they are speaking on the radios and never transmit confidential details over the radios. Keep anything like sensitive, financial or military information quicker, you shouldn’t speak about this over radio. Before using your radios, you should check they are all in good working condition and charged up. 

Now you know how effective two way radios can be for communication within your business, why not invest in a few devices? If team communication at events is your downfall, these gadgets could save the day and help you long-term and short-term. 

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