Drink Wine Cocktails To Freshen Up Dull Days

People who are thinking summers do not equal wine, think again! Wine cocktails are here to turn your dull days upside down and take your wine love to another level. Wine cocktails have their own fandom even when they are not considered as popular as the cocktails made using vodka, gin or whiskey. The dedicated fandom of wine cocktails will tell you all the fun you are missing out on. Brunch dates are incomplete without the highly popular Sangria. But you need to widen your approach to wine cocktails.

Is There More To Wine Cocktails Than The Famous Sangria?

Sangria is great but there are many other wine cocktails that you can try right at your home when hosting a dinner party/ date or enjoying a self love evening. There are homemade wine cocktail recipes available all around the internet. There are some wine cocktails that deserve a special mention for the taste they bestow on the tongues.

New York Sour

Here we go giving the whiskey sour cocktail a wine twist! One of the easiest to make New York Sour cocktails is the best to make at home as it is simply a layer of red wine that has to top the Whiskey Sour cocktail. Giving the whiskey sour cocktail a wine twist, literally! This cocktail got invented by a bartender in the 1880s in Chicago but was embraced the most in New York, thus the name got the New York mention.

Red Wine Spritzer

Sangria requires time, Red Wine Spritzer requires soda! That’s it! The perfect summer drink is here and can be made in a jiffy. You need wine and soda and a good mix resulting into a fruity, refreshing and bubbly cocktail which can be considered a classic summer drink made in a minute.

Madras Drink

Vodka goes great with any other beverages to create a fantastic Cocktail! Vodka takes things to a new level in a Madras cocktail, combining cranberry juice and orange juice! Check madras drink recipe here.

Frose/ Frozen Rose

You have roses, strawberries and honey? Add it to the wine and let all the sweetness be enhanced. The USP of this easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe is its delicious fruity twist to the rose. Wine adds body to the cocktail. Adjust the quantity of the wine according to your taste. Strawberries add a little punch to the sweetness of the rose while providing consistency to the drink.

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