What Is the Downside to Feminized Seeds?

If you have decided to take up gardening, you are now probably faced with a difficult dilemma: what are the best seeds to grow? It can be quite easy to buy cannabis seeds with online stores and deliveries like Herbies. But that doesn’t get rid of your choice of product. If you want to opt for popular feminized seeds, you have to be aware of all the possible issues you might encounter along the way.

Problems with Breeding

Any gardener knows that you need two individuals or hermaphrodites to propagate plants. And this is against the rules of keeping plants derived from feminized seeds. The advantage of such plants is that they are guaranteed to produce non-pollinated flowers in large quantities. If you are going to raise feminized seeds for your personal use, you do not have a problem with this because you will not need to breed them. But for plant lovers, this becomes a significant problem.

Unpredictable Changes

The problems with sex do not end here. There are cases when feminized seeds are subjected to stressful conditions and subsequently become hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites are individuals that combine both female and male characteristics. Thus, the hermaphrodite pollinated not only itself but also the nearby females, which spoiled almost the entire crop. This forces growers to be very careful about the condition of their plants and the conditions in which they are kept. But even that sometimes doesn’t help. It is a random event that may have no logic or regularity, which makes the risks of their cultivation very high.

But don’t let that scare you too much. Such cases, although known, are quite rare. If you keep the plant according to all standards, you will secure your crop against unforeseen situations and win the jackpot.

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