What is Spotify playlists placement if not a shortcut to greatness?

You are faced with difficult decisions when you are a young, independent musician. Which music streaming platform to choose? How to make music popular? And with the first question everything is obvious – Spotify. But the second is far less easy to answer. Every musician chooses his own methods for becoming famous. You can ask musicians of various generations and receive different answers. Older ones will advise finding a manager and giving free concerts. Younger, more modern musicians will suggest looking at Spotify playlists placement. Both points are valid, but the choice is up to you. But how do these options compare to each other?

With the first option, everything is clear as day. It is long and uncertain. A good producer does cost a lot of money, and almost every producer has his schedule already filled to the brim. Free concerts are a somewhat valid option since they allow enjoying live music for people who are unaware of your existence. But the caveat is that those people may not have Spotify. How many concerts do you need to give to understand that not every person in the world uses Spotify? Only 700 million people, more or less, are active Spotify users. So betting on the fact that many of your audiences will be filled with Spotify users isn’t a very wise decision.

The playlist placement is a far more effective solution. Through playlists, you can attract a lot of organic traffic easily without endangering your reputation. People love playlists and trust them. Spotify playlists have given people a forgotten opportunity to feel the emotions, the personal connection to the music. Since the majority of popular playlists are created and monitored by real people, all songs in them are united with a single concept. It can be a genre, style, or mood. But when you hear the playlist, you instantly know that the music was chosen by humans.

The playlists have a great advantage over other promotion methods – they are the most organic. All likes and plays you get will come from real Spotify users. But unlike other methods, there is one important moment – uncertainty. Despite being almost perfect in every imaginable way, playlist placement cannot be easily predicted. Even a playlist with hundreds of thousands of listeners can let you down if your music does not hold the attention and critique well.

Most of the success of playlist placement is generated by the qualities of your music. You need to create good music, or at least moderate, to achieve success with playlist placement. In some cases, even bad music can be equally high-scoring with playlist placement. Make sure your music is good, and then engage in playlist placement promotion on Spotify.

There will not always be a moment to become popular. We live in a fast-moving world, and Spotify changes daily. The moment you are in will be the best moment to start promoting. You need to secure a good start on your journey to success. If you give yourself a boost at the beginning, the whole road will become less thorny. What do you think? Is playlist placement something you will be interested in? Or will you decide to ignore it and let fate decide?

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